Sores underneath breast

Good afternoon everyone 


im 3 weeks after radiotherapy, and I’ve noticed this morning that I have sores under ny breast which is quite sore.  It a line of about 2cm long it is pink and looks like a few lumps ut not actually lumps.  But one does look a spot  I think it might be due to a sweat rash.


So I wanted to know what type of cream to use.


I am quite a large lady, and have been using cotton crop tops through my treatment.

I got breakdown of skin under boob at end of radiotherapy - I am lager boobed too .May be worth getting GP to look at as I ended up with infection in broken skin .

Hi Nik

I used E45 cream throughout rads and then Medihoney for the really sore bits. But its probably a good idea to get it looked at first, either by your gp or one of the radiotherapy team.

Sue xx

Hi, I broke terribly after rads. Took me about 5 weeks to totally heal. I am i australia so our creams may be a lttle different. I used aqueous cream which is a moisturizer and i started this before rads… i am also large breasted… The second my skin broke -i underneath my breast to begin with - i used solugel which is a waterbased burn gel and i used that with non stick dressings up until all my blisters and burns healed, then i went back to moisturizer and still use it and i’m about 10-11 week post rads and breast is beautiful and soft and all healed except my nipple keeps crusting and peeling… it the really sore times, i bought some cotton mens Handkerchiefs and i folded it and placed it between my bra and breast so nothing rubbed… Worked well for me

Hi - I finished rads last week (20 sessions inc 5 targeted booster rays), following 2 lumpectomies and FEC-T Chemo.  My skin broke out underneath the boob too - it started to blister then broke out.


It was sooooo sore.  Being bigger too the skin was just rubbing.  I’d been using Nivea Soft Vit E cream and Aloe Vera gel for the burning on the top of the boob and this calmed it all down, but the breakout underneath is very common apparently.


The radiographer gave me Polymem dressings.  These are non-adhesive foam pads, containing medication on it.  They told me to just cut to size, place under the boob which naturally keeps it in place.  They said not to use any other cream on that bit, just these pads.  It’s a week since they broke out and they’re nearly healed. You naturally sweat and the moisture was making it worse and not healing but these pads are brilliant and take the moisture away.


I was given a form from the hospital to take to my gp so they knew which ones to order (hospital only gave me a few days worth) and the surgery did the prescription the same day.  Boots Chemist ordered them that day for next day delivery, as they’re not standard stock.


Anyway if you can get the info, and a prescription, it will heal up the sores brilliantly :slight_smile:


Claire x

OH, FYI - i kept my creams in the fridge too… the coldness helped soove

Hi Nik, this  is a frequent occurrence, apparently.  I’m two weeks into rads and my radiographer checked me over. She said my skin was looking good, but advised cool showers  / baths, patting dry under boob, laying flat on back to take the weight off ( yes, I’m a generous boob too) and letting cool air circulate and dry the skin for 30 mins. I’m wearing cotton crop tops, but they tend to get a bit sweaty on the elastic bit. We discussed that and the suggestion was to change tops during the day, or better yet,go without when I can! ?Hmmmm.  This seems to be the disease that just keeps on giving! ?  I’ve been supplied with QV cream, and Flaminol Hydro for the heat rash on my sub clavicle which is also being treated. Hope you get some relief. X