Sorry but I am the only one?

I posted a week ago asking if anyone else was coming to the end of their Arimidex treatment and as yet nobody has replied. Does this mean that I am the only one?

I did a post some time ago about Tamoxifen asking if people’s side effect had gone after they finishes taking it for 5 years or if they knew anyone who had done their 5 years and really I did not get much information, I am wondering if most people are no longer on the forums by that stage?

Hope you get some feedback this time!

Hi Ladies, Sorry LancsLass, I didn’t see your post about the Arimidex. Actually, I can’t help either really as I’ve just started on it recently (so you can probably help me more than I can help you!!!). I just felt awful when I saw no one had replied to you, so thought I would drop you a line (even tho it is a load of rubbish)

Lady Chatterbox, I was on Tamoxifen years ago when I first had bc and I had horrendous hot sweats. When I finished it, the symptoms did disappear and I felt much better, so hope you will too.

As I said earlier, I’ve just started Arimidex a few weeks ago. Apparently I’m very receptive to it, (I have secondaries in my liver and spine). I’m just starting to get the aching bones and muscles etc and don’t really know what to do about it because I’m not very good with strong painkillers and the paracetamol and Ibuprofen don’t seem to help.

Anyway, hope you are both well today and take good care of yourselves.

Lots of love, Dianne x x x

Hi Lancslass,

I’ve been away and only just seen your post.I’m nearly 2 yrs into Arimidex (with zoladex as I’m pre-menopausal) after about 6 mths on tamoxifen that drove me mad with SEs - not that this is any easier !!!.

Anyway, my mum was diagnosed 8 yrs ago and finished her 5 yrs almost 3 yrs ago but in the end was kept on it and is still on it with no signs of being taken off it. Whether this has anything to do with me having been diagnosed at her 5 yr mark is anyone’s guess but I think it is connected as the same team is treating us both. I understand I will be on it as long as it works and as my mum says, she’d rather take one little pill a day instead of risking the cancer coming back sonner. I have bone mets but mum doesn’t have any mets. I’m 45 and mum is 75 by the way.

Hope this helps,


Hi Girls

Thank you so much for your postings, they really have helped. I was initially on Tamoxifen as I had only had a lumpectomy and rads but then found another lump(they think that the mammogram hadnt picked it up) anyway I then had mastectomy and chemo and my ovaries taken out as I was 100% oestrogen +

When I last saw my surgeon and oncologist they mentioned that they like patients to have a break from Arimidex because of the side effect on the liver and bones and I am now oestophenic, but, I would feel a little safer carrying on taking it if you know what I mean?

At first I did get the muscle and bone ache but I am not sure if you just get used to it or it just doesnt seem as bad after a while. I must be honest and say that the hot sweats with this drug are not bad, I get the odd flush but nothing that cant be dealt with.

Much love and thanks to you all!

hi Lanclass

im not on arimidex myself but my mum is and is just coming up for 5 years on it… she was in a femara, arimidex, tamoxifen research trial so only started the arimidex properly from around december time she is also really worried about stopping it… and feels its her security blanket.

she has regular dexa bone density scans and takes naproxen and co-codamol for the bone pain but still worries about not having to take it.


Hi Lulu

Will your Mum had to stop taking the armasose inhibitors at the five year mark or can she do the full time on that one? I am a little confused as some consultants let you continue taking it and others, (mine included) seems to like patients taking a ‘break’. I am with your mum when you mentioned that she feels safer on it.

I have just looked at your profile…congratulations on getting the new job!! (It must be lovely for patients to have someone to connect with who has been through the experience) I work in a hospital, only on the reception desk booking in patients, but, when someone presents who is going through treatment I always go the extra mile to help.

Whislt I was going through my treatment I did a bit of research and heard about these new drugs and really pushed for Arimidex as it wasnt readily available then, are you aware of any other new drugs from the same family that are on the market?