Sorry - rambling long post - 2 week Breast Clinic

Hi Everyone - sorry for such a long post.

I’ve been lurking for a couple of weeks whilst waiting for my appointment which is tomorrow 3:30pm.

I found a lump In my right boob during a bad cold - I do try to check regularly as I’ve been referred before about 18 months ago - luckily all was well.

So during my checkup at the docs which I managed to be seen the same day, whilst he could feel the lump I could feel he asked about a different area before that which I hadn’t noticed. Afterwards I checked the area and yes could feel something- or could I?

Since then I’ve had days where I can feel the lump I went to the drs about and days when I’m not sure and the same with the lump the dr found. And then I think I’m finding other lumps one day and questioning myself. I really don’t want to be wasting peoples time… is doubting yourself normal?

I know I’m rambling but I’m going on my own tomorrow as I know what to expect - mums having an operation Sunday with her own cancer ‘maybe’ and sister has been going through a bit of depression - so whilst 2 people at work know I’m going tomorrow due to time off… I haven’t gone into detail… it’s good to get things off my chest/out of my head Again sorry for rambling x

I hope your appointment goes well.
It is good to vent your feelings and they are perfectly normal xxx

Hi Olly,


Thinking of you and hope your appointment goes well today!


I think it’s normal to doubt what you have found and 90% of breast clinic visits do not result in a diagnosis of cancer. Your GP wouldn’t refer you if they felt it was unnecessary but equally there’s probably a good chance that it is a benign condition too. 


I hope you are coping ok and that things go well! 


ps. well done for being so brave and going by yourself. I hope your Mum’s op goes well and that your sis starts feeling better soon too.