Sorry to appear thick

Hi , when I read every ones threads on here people seam to know the type of breast cancer they have , is this something you find out after the operation, I had a mastectomy on right breast on 31st of March along with all my lymph nodes and due to speak to my consultant hopefully at the end of this week , is this when I will find out ? Sorry to appear thick but I really am in the dark with it all x 


Please don’t think you’re thick, no one knows this stuff until you go through it. I was given a description at diagnosis of the cancer I had but it was confirmed after my op when everything had been tested. I was sent a letter from the oncologist confirming everything as well. 

Hopefully on your follow up you’ll be told but be sure to ask as it’s important to know what you’ve actually had. 

I hope it’s all good news when you go back, take care xx 

Hi daffodil

Me again. I’ve sent you a PM with my thoughts on this. Hope you read it xx

Hi Daffodil,

When you see the oncologist you can ask for a copy of the diagnostic report. My onc printed the 1 page report off while I was there at a printer on her desk). Otherwise take a paper and pen and ask the oncologist for the details so you can jot it down. 

Going forward, future letters from the hospital after monitoring check-ups etc (or any other active treatments) usually state the type of bc, size, grade etc at the top of the letter. 

Wishing you all the best for your follow up appointment - and ditto fellow forum members comments about such questions - we all start somewhere - usually when it happens to us and we join this unique club! 

All the best

Seabreeze (nearly 6 years on and doing okay!) x