South East London/Kent area

I was just wondering if there is anyone else from this part of the country.

Hi, Star Gazer Lily,
I’m here. I did start a Guys thread and there were a few posters. I am not on the site much but coffee, meet ups would be welcome.


I did notice that you had some of your treatment at the PRU. So did I, which should make us reasonably close.

Give me a clue , where are you


Hi Ladies, sorry to take so long to get back to you, but I was travelling back from Wales and had terrible trouble getting back online on my phone.

I live in Orpington, near bromley, where do you both come from.



I am in Beckenham, near Bromley. And happy to meet up sometime


That would be lovely, maybe we could meet in Bromley for a coffee. xx

I’m in Lewisham and would be happy to travel to Bromley.

Hi Im in kent born peckham shhh lol


I am Orpington too.I know SGL and never got round to arranging a meet up with Sue. It would be good to get something sorted.


Hi Sue, Andie, Julie and Jane! It would be great to sort something out. Can we all say what times of day are good, not good etc. and maybe take it from there.

And yes I know Julie :-).

SGL xx


As a retired lady my time is my own so within reason I can make a meet at any time. Not very keen on travelling into Bromley evening time because according to our local press it’s not a very nice place to be, but I will be led by you youngsters


Hi All, Nice to see you on again Julie. I hope all is well. I can do a day time meet up as I am not back at work yet any time after 10:30 and need to be back by 3.
x Sue

Hi All,

I am back at work, but don’t work on Wednesdays.

Hi Sue I am fine thanks, how are things going with you?


Hi everyone,
haven’t been on the site for some time but now see there is a flurry of activity on this thread. Good! I live in Beckenham, would love to meet up with some or all of you and Bromley would be fine. I’m almost retired, just do a little work at home Mon - Thurs so need to be home on those days by 3pm.
Love Loula

Back again. Not sure if previous message was clear - meant to say I’m available for coffee any day, anytime up to 3pm.

Hi I am 43 and from Dartford , i was just reading the notices x

Hope everyone is ok.
If Wednesday is a good day for people how about a coffee morning somewhere local, or near a railway station? I’m happy to travel. Could we go for something on the morning of the 20th? Can someone else suggest a venue?

Hi there, a wednesday would be good for me too. I am not too good at early mornings though lol so late morning lunch time would be good for me.

How about 12oclock lunch time. Would anyone be interested in us having a light lunch somewhere?

Chislehurst is another option too. Much nicer and just as easy to get too.

If lunch is ok with everyone, the Queens head do lovely lunches for aound about five pounds. Its opposite the ponds in Chislehurst.

They do a meal AND a drink for £5.95 Cut and pasted below.

There are tasty favourites to choose from as well;

* 7oz Gammon with Egg or Pineapple
* Scampi & Chips
* Grilled Lemon & Herb Chicken
* Sausages and mash

Or for just £1 extra per dish, why not tuck into:

* BBQ Smothered Chicken
* Beef Lasagne
* Beer Battered Haddock & Chips
* Red Pepper & Goats Cheese Salad

Plus they have the ordinary menu too.

SGL xx


Wednesday 20th is good for me. I’ll happily go wherever you all decide.Lunch or coffee. Which is easiest for public transport/parking Chislehurst or Bromley?

Looking forward to meeting up


Hi Andie, thats brilliant. I would say both are as easy as each other. Chislehurst has a good bus service and also there are lots of metres and also two car parks as well and its cheaper to park than the multi stories in Bromley.

Shall we say Chislehurst then ladies?