South Yorkshire Meet Up?

Wondered if there are any meetings in the pipeline that i could attend, im 52 wuth secondaries to lungs xx

Hello Cavills,

I just wanted to take this opportunity to let you know that Breast Cancer Care run something called Living with Secondary Breast Cancer in Sheffield. It’s an opportunity to come along and meet up with other women with a secondary diagnosis and find information and support. Sessions usually take place monthly, and you can attend as few or as many as you like; and refreshments are provided, including lunch at longer daytime sessions.


All sessions are facilitated by a counsellor and every other month you’ll hear from a guest speaker who is an expert in their field, for example, a Clinical Nurse Specialist or a Benefits Adviser. Questions and discussions are welcome and we’ll also let you know about additional sources of support that may be available locally. If you’d like to come along or would like to find out more then please contact us here on 0345 077 1893 or email-





Dear Cavills

I sent you a long pm but you are not enabled with your messages. I do hope you have found the SBC meeting in Sheffield for the 14th April. There is also a support group in Rotherham I do not know what it is like but they meet every Friday in the All Saints Church grounds 10am - 2.00pm think it will mainly be primary ladies but it’s worth a try. I belong to a group in Mexborough but I am the only secondary but the lady that started it was a nurse who had cancer back in 1995 when things were done differently and we can comment together as my primary was 1996.


I hope this will help you a little I’m always here best wishes M xxx

Dear Callvis I have pm you. x

Hi Cavills, I went ali g to the recent launch of rotherham hospitals launch of their pledge for sbc and spoke to 2 ladies from the breast cancer support group. It is mainly ladies who have or had primary breast cancer but all are welcome including partners.
By the way I live in Thurcroft so we are practically neighbours. My secondaries are in my lung, bones, lymph nodes and under my skin. Fortunately at the moment I feel really good and the only pain I have is in my knees. Long may it continue like this xx

Hi cavils X are there any planned meet ups I’m from Woodlaithes estate

Hi. Angelmum72. Im not sure if theres just been one so the next will be in August. Ive not made it to a meeting yet. They are in Sheffield. Im in Wickersley not far from you xxx

I wondered if you’d like to meet up for a coffee sometime , I’ve noticed there is another lady in thur rift miller08

Hi Angelmum72, 

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I hope this helps, if you have any quesions you can email us at

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