Southampton area

I am 34 and was diagnosed on 9th August. Things have moved fast since being diagnosed and I had my first chemo nearly two weeks ago (I have opted to have this before surgery) so think it’s all still sinking in at the moment.
I wanted to see if anyone knew of any local support groups in the Southampton area or alternatively it would be good to talk to people locally.
Look forward to hearing from people.

Hi Chrissis

Welcome to the forum but sorry that you’ve had to join it in the first place.
Are you having your chemo at the General in Southampton? I go to the clinic for treatment every four weeks on a Friday and I usually see the cons on Tuesday of that week as well.
I know that there is a support group at the General but unsure which day it is on - the McMillan Centre would be able to advise you on dates.
I have never been to one as I’m happier meeting with a small group of ladies on this forum from time to time. We have met at M&S in Hedge End for coffee and chat on occasions but could always arrange to meet somewhere in Southampton if that is easier for you and maybe some of the other ladies will come too. It is nice to be able to talk to people in the same situation as yourself as most of us don’t like to burden friends and family with our true thoughts.
Hope you are coping ok with the chemo.
Liz x

Hi Liz

Thank you for the message - yes I’m having chemo at the General, have got my second session this Thursday. Not sure where the time has gone since the first session, although life does seems like a bit of a blur at the moment!

If you wouldn’t mind I’ve love to come along when you next meet up, M&S Hedge End is easy for me to get to and it would be really nice to be able to talk to other people who are going through the same. I’m not usually one for forums and things but think it would do me good to be able to talk to others as know so many of the things I am struggling with other people will have done too. If you could let me know when you’re next looking to meet that would be great, thank you.

Chrissie x

Anyone over in the Hythe?Waterside area want to meet up for coffee and moral support?

Hey bc ladies Southampton/New Forest/Waterside - where are you? I feel so so alone :frowning:

Hi Cyara and Chrissie

Trying to arrange a meeting for next week at M&S cafe in Hedge End - possible Thursday afternoon but waiting for the other ladies to get back to me.
Would you be interested in meeting us for a coffee and chat?
Liz x

Hello NannieSpiky
Yes I would!! Thursday late afternoon would best suit me as I work but will try and make arrangements to leave early… Keep me in the loop!!
Thank you

Hi Sue

Have arranged to meet at M&S on Thursday at 1.30pm. Can you make this time? We could possibly make it a bit later or you could join us when you can (if you say when you can get there then we’ll keep an eye out for you). We are usually there for a couple of hours yakking! It would be lovely if you could join us so do hope you can make it.

Liz x

I missed the meeting because I missed the message… when’s your next meet up? October is here…(already!).