Sorry if this has been covered a gazillion times somewhere…went to nurse today for my smear and she asked if I was on hormone replacement so I told her about the cancer, anastrozole etc and mentioned the joint problems.She said I could improve a lot with diet and highly recommended I drink some soya milk every day.Was I wrong in thinking we werent supposed to use soya then?

I think the evidence is inconclusive- when I have looked the research results  the advice is maybe in moderation it is OK .

Its hard to decide - especially if you are a vegetarian like me and are looking for protein - I tend to have it occasionally. 

Strange…she was positively recommending I start drinking it every day…

Hi Treeze,
The nurse was not a specialist in bc, so was probably advising generally. It maybe an idea to check with the nurses here.
ann x

I’m not a firm believer that food and drink has much influence on us getting breast cancer but avoiding soya was one of the first things I read about when diagnosed although there is no conclusive evidence I’ve come across. I agree with Ann, she wasnt a cancer specialist so wouldn’t necessarily know these things. 


Personally I don’t like soya so avoid it for that reason, I prefer almond milk but if the benefit to you far outweighed any potential risks then I would give it a go, obviously speaking to someone in the know would be the answer Xx Jo 

Hi Treeze

Please speak to one of your medical team or call our free Helpline, 0808 800 6000, to speak with one of our clinical experts.

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