Spa Day Out

Spa Day Out

Spa Day Out Hi all

just had a recon + several lymph nodes removed and my friend has kindly booked me on a Spa day in May as a surprise but im not sure if i can have any of the treatments as im i dont know what you can and cant do after my operation.

Anyone been treated recently? would love some advise.

many thanks


Factsheet Hi Tracey

What a lovely surprise from your friend, the spa day will certainly be something for you to look forward to.

I understand you may have some concerns about the types of treatments you can have following your surgery. It is a good idea to contact your medical team for advice before you attend, alternatively please feel free to call the helpline on 0808 800 6000 it is open Monday to Friday 9am-5pm and Saturday 9am-2pm and the team will be able to advise on this subject.

I have also given below the link to a factsheet produced by Breast Cancer Care on the subject of complimentary therapies, this should answer some of your questions regarding suitable treatments:

The factsheet can be either downloaded from the website or ordered.

I do hope you find this helpful.

Kind regards and enjoy your day.

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Many thanks

spa days When I went to a health farm for a top to toe day, I was asked to bring a letter from my consultant before they would let me have any treatments. In fact I cancelled for 6 months as they kept on about what I couldn’t do. I did find that different centres within the same chain had different policies and would advise you to ring them up for advice beforehand. I now use a large health farm not far from Cambridge as I found them the most helpful. Only wish I could afford to go more often.

Thanks Jakey ooh, thanks for the warning. I have been wondering myself what I can and cant have, will ring them.

I know someone who sat in a jacuzzi for a while and got Lymphoedema as a result


BLIMEY Thanks Frances

I was planning to sit in the Jacuzzi, oh my god im shocked, how did the jacuzzi bring this on, was there an explanation.
im really shocked.



I went to Center Parcs at the Lake District for a midweek break last week. They have a big spa and request you take a letter from your doctor if you are on chemo.