spaced out

Hi all, does anyone else feel so00000 spaced out on the steriods after chemo. My nurse says that it is the steroids and not the chemo which makes me feel so awful. I actually feel like my mind is in someone elses body which is a horrible feeling.
My onc has not offered me an alternative I just wondered if anyone has any suggestions.


Hi, Lilibet

Steroids had the opposite affect on me - I was hyper on them! However, my head seems to be constantly muzzy these days, and I’m not currently having treatment but keep taking the tablets - Bondronat and Aromasin.

Sorry I can’t help.

Can’t comment on the steroids as apart from eating loads when I was puking they didn’t make me feel how you feel,
However I had a bad reaction to the anti sickness Metroclopromide (excuse the spelling) they made me feel exactly as you describe. Like my body was there but I wasn’t in it.

Not sure if your on anti-sickness but it maybe a thought.

Take care

Mandy x

i had a ‘bits of body feeling different sizes’ when i shut my eyes. yuk! Not sure what it was, but wa taking steroids daily for a while…


I had a problem with the steroids elevating my blood sugar (diabetic). But I’m sure it has the same affect whether you are diabetic or not. You may want to have them check your sugar level an hour or two after treatment to see what your blood sugars are hitting. I had mine go up to 450-500 after each treatment.

Also, there is a thing called “chemo brain” that you may want to look up and see if it matches your symptoms. I had that too and it made me feel like I couldn’t think straight or even read anything.

Hope that helps.


I’m on steroids for brain mets. They make me ravenous and I have noticed a craving for sweet things. Checked with GP and asked for a sugar urine test. He said it was good that I was keeping an eye on sugar levels. I’m not diabetic but there is a very very strong family history.

Steroids also make me very hyper if I take more than 2mg a day.


Hi, thanks for all your comments i will look into all.