Specialist post-chemo hair salons: London

I have recently completed my chemotherapy, and thanks to the cold cap I still have a full covering of hair, although I lost quite a lot and the current effect is thin and so “shaggy dog” that I always wear a wig. I’m looking for a specialist hair salon in London that understands cancer-related hair issues and can give me a cut and style in a private room - does anyone know a salon that does this kind of thing? Been trying Tony & Guy who advertise “Strength in Style” on their website, but the first four of their salons I have contacted have been unable to help. Really grateful for any tips!

Hi Marie Else,

Sorry to hear you haven’t had much luck with Toni & Guy salons in your area. We usually recommend their services, but I am sure some of our users will be along to share their experiences with salons and show their support soon. 

Best wishes,


What a shame, Marje Else, not what you need on top of everything else. Sending a hug.?

I read a thread yesterday about some shampoo which was highly recommended for thickening hair. It was an old thread but might be helpful? Sorry, can’t remember the name, N…something. Hope this is a bit of help. Really hope you find somewhere . 

Thinks it’s Nioxin shampoo Annie although I didn’t find it helped much with hair thinning due to Tamoxifen .Marie could Toni and Guy not point you in the direction of one of their salons that does offer this service ,if they advertise it on their website you would think they would have a salon in London that does offer this service.

You could also post this query in the moving forward after treatment section may get some more feedback from ladies further down the line .Jill.