Spinal Haemangiomas found on MRI-should I insist on further tests?

I’m 5 years remission having had 2 recalls which were checked with nothing bad. After having worsening back issues for the past couple of years, an MRI last summer showed (among other things) several typical & atypical spinal haemangiomas in the Thoracic & Lumbar area. I’ve done my research & spoken to a gp & Macmillan nurse plus the breast nurse unit here. They all are of the same opinion. Get it checked further if at all worried about mets, of course I’m concerned with my history plus the pain I’m having in my back. Has anyone had spinal haemangiomas show up? I’m seeing the gp on the 8th to ask about this plus get blood test results. I don’t think I am worrying unnecessarily & would like to know how do they check to see whether these tumors (apparently they’re tumours filled with blood vessels) are bad or not, surely they can’t just tell by looking at a screen of your X-ray? Please any advice would be great. Michele x