Spinal sclerosing lesion

Hi all, 

I finished chemo, surgery and radio in October 2020. I’ve since had a ct scan which shows a small spinal sclerosing lesion at L1. My breast care nurse has requested a bone scan for me and assured me they are more often than not benign. I’m not feeling assured by this after doing a lot of Google. Anyone got any similar positive stories? The scaniexty is sickening x 

Hi Buttercup

When I had a CT scan before my surgery last summer, it showed something called a ‘sclerotic/lucent lesion’ in my pelvic bone, but after an MRI, I was told it was benign. It did give me scanxiety though.  I’m sorry I do not know if this is the same thing. Maybe you could ring the Breast  Cancer Now helpline for some advice?

Good luck

Carmen :tulip: