Spine radiotherapy

Hi has anyone experienced radiotherapy for spine mets?How was your experience and recovery?

I was only meant to have 1 tiny Met in  spine since 2017.it had never caused me any problems until last week when I got very sore hips and then awful lower back pain.It got so bad on Saturday I was admitted to hospital for 3 days as they feared I had spinal compression.An emergency mri ruled that out thankfully.Saw oncologist today who recommended a single blast of radiotherapy to try and relieve it.Just looking for anyone’s experience of this.Did it help you?Many thanks for any responses 


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I noticed that you haven’t had a reply yet - hopefully someone will reply to your message soon and share their own experience.

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Hi Didi,


I cannot speak from personal experience but have a friend who had very similar symptoms and had just one single treatment of radiotherapy and she had a very positive result, no after effects worth mentioning, all her pain subsided, and her follow up scan was very good. 


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