Up to now I’ve felt pretty relaxed about thing after being diagnosed with stage 1 multifocal cancer (1 grade 1 and 1 grade 2 tumour both ER+ HER2-). But I’ve had a really long wait for my surgery after being diagnosed 7th June to my surgery taking place at the end of this week and my head is now all over the place. I’m scared about the surgery because of the dear of being out under and now I’ve just had another feel of my affected boob and I feel like it’s definitely got worse/has spread.

Does anyone have any words of wisdom at all? Has my waiting time been reasonable for the surgery? I know all cancers are individual but guess I’m just needing some reassurance if there’s any out there ?

Hi K chest

It is understandable that you are feeling anxious now with your surgery being imminent.  I had to wait about 6 weeks before I had my surgery so I don’t think 8 weeks is unreasonable although obviously for you it must have seemed a long time.

I was also scared about having general anaesthetic as I have never had an operation before.  I don’t remember much about it now but I do know it’s not as scary as you think it will be.  Once you are on the operating table it all happens quickly and before you know it you are awake again and the surgery is over.

I’m sure your boob hasn’t got any worse, it probably just feels that way, so please try not to worry.  You will be in safe hands, and I’m sure all will go well and your cancer will be gone.  Have you been told what treatment you will be having afterwards?

Please let us all know how you get on.  Thinking of you. x