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I’ve always been quite sporty and have continued to do some form of gentle sport throughout my treatment - two ops to remove lumps from each breast in November, radiotherapy in January and Tamoxifen.

I’m trying to build my fitness back up and have started gentle jogging - am finding it difficult to motivate myself and wondered if anyone is in similar situation and might like to ‘virtually’ share experiences and motivate each other?


Hi Eglis,

Thank you for your post.

I am sorry you haven’t had any reply yet. I am hoping my response will help our members to see your post and share their experiences.

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Hi Eglis,

I know it’s not easy finding motivation but it’s brilliant you’re doing this.  I just wanted to offer some encouragement really.  I had a mastectomy in October and recently completed Couch to 5k (slow jog but all good!).  I struggled at times (tamoxifen didn’t help I think eg fatigue) and repeated weeks when I needed to.  If you search for ‘5k your way’, it’s a group and running plan for people who have cancer/have had treatment so may be worth looking at.

Also I spoke to my BC nurse and she put me in touch with a local group which supports people with exercise during/post treatment and I’m doing an online yoga class which I’m finding helpful.  I tried a circuits class but it was a bit full on for me but then I’ve never done circuits before! Might be worth asking if there’s anything similar local to you?

I had a silly moment and signed myself up for a ‘virtual’ 10km run to raise money for Cancer Research UK at the end of last year. Knowing that people had sponsored me was a really good reason to get out of the house despite whatever fatigue and the weather was doing.

I don’t want to keep asking friends and colleagues for money, but I’m tempted to sign up for another one to keep me going.

I’m also thinking about going to a Parkrun that has a 5k Your Way group to meet other people in similar situations.

Hey there! I know it’s been a ver long time but i want to say, i admire your determination to get back into fitness after your treatment. It can definitely be tough to stay motivated, especially after going through so much. Have you tried pickleball? It’s fun and easy. Give it a shot!

We walk quite a bit, including with the Ramblers but you know when you get those busy weeks or can’t be bothered. I decided I wanted to walk at least 30 minutes a day 5 days a week, as I’m on Anastrazole which makes osteoporosis more likely. So I put a task on my phone calendar with the little walking icon after I’ve done a walk. It’s amazing how much the images motivate me. If I’ve only done four and it’s the last day of the week, it always motivates me to do the fifth. I’ve just started going to the gym which is not my favourite, but it’s motivating me on that too.
ps We’re on holiday this week and we have done a 16 and a 7 mile walk on the Whitby to Scarborough old railway track.

Have you ever considered trying pickleball (check it out at A Beginner's Guide to Joining Pickleball Leagues Near You)? It’s a fun and social way to stay active, and it might help with your motivation. Keep up the great work! Take care!