Sports and post mastectomy wear


i want to buy sports bras and swimwear for exercise and activity post my mastectomy. I’m a runner, a cyclist and attend swimming with the children. What do people

recommend for sports bras? Where do you buy swimwear? Any tips for managing this? I’m finding internet options either very expensive and aimed at the older lady. Thanks in advance 

Hi Sheila, I’ve used Nicola Jane for bras with good support for jumping around with my dog, and also swimwear. You may have already looked at their website and I agree some are expensive, although I’ve found some nice things on the outlet/sale page. Can’t comment on the style though, as I fear I am definitely in the older lady category!! Hope you get some more replies, and good luck. Mo x

Hi Sheila W


have you found any decent support bra for exercise yet ?

im in a similar situation and want to get back running but have one side which has had reconstruction and is bigger than my own breast. Also scared of getting back to running!



Hi, I’m a runner and I’ve had a ShockAbsorber bra for several years.

When I went back to running after my mastectomy I looked for post-surgery sport bras, but none gave me the support that the old one gives, so I continue to use that, with a “knitted knocker” instead of my usual silicone prosthesis.

Since it’s quite tight and supportive the knitted boob doesn’t even move around, hehe


As for swimwear, again I had just bought a new supportive swimsuit before the diagnostic, and since I don’t swim that much, I continue to use that, this time actually empty. I realised that when I’m doing laps in the pool nobody really notices that half my chest is flat :slight_smile: