Sports and Reconstruction

Dear Reconstructed ladies

I wondered if anyone would be prepared to share their experience of a delayed reconstruction and what sports/physical activity they are now capable of? I think that it’s likely I’ll go for TRAM flap or diep. I’m currently learning to sail dinghies, I enjoy walking and have done some running. In the past I’ve been a rower and played basketball. What was your operation and what have you managed to get back to doing?

Also I was wondering what the recovery time is like and how long I would need to take off? (I’ve got a part-time desk job and older children)

yours hopefully - Wizz

Hi Wizz,

I also would be really interested in this info as I ahve first meeting with Plastic surgeon on tuesday to discuss options and have no idea what to go for, as i had bi lateral masetcomy lasy Septemeber and only just starting to get my arm on the cancer side back in use!!
Also have become a gym freak again and could dow ith knowing how long will be out of action for as have a four year old and two year old.

If you find any info out Wizz that would be great.

When is your op planned for??

Take care


Hi Nicki

I’m just having an initial consultation at the moment so there is no planned date for the op. I just want to go in with as much knowledge as possible and to know what questions to ask.

take care Wizz

Hi Ladies

I had a MX and immediate Tram flap recon on 8th Feb, I’m not a sports person though. If you have questions, please feel free to ask away.

Having Diep would be a quicker recovery as no muscle is used. I still have problems with my shoulder and arm so my consultant is going to refer me for physio.


Hi Aqua

Thanks for the reply. Are you able to do what you could before (apart from the shoulder and arm)? Or does your tummy still feel tight?

many thanks


This probably isn’t relevant to you, as I had a delayed LD flap, but just in case you change your mind:

My op was nearly three months ago. I went back to work after 6 weeks (part-time desk job), I was still a bit tired then but quickly got back into it.

I run & swim, started running again after five weeks, found I was very tired and had no energy, but it’s slowly coming back. I decided not to swim until I’d been back to see the surgeon, so that was after 7 weeks, but no problems there either. The swimming is really helping my shoulder movement, I would say I have very nearly 100% movement back there, just some stiffness & tightness at the extremities. I am also a chuch bellringer, haven’t restarted that yet but intend to this weekend.

Before my op I was quite concerned about a possible loss of strength due to the relocation of the LD muscle, but I can honestly say I have felt no difference whatsoever. I find it quite amazing that a whole muscle can be moved like that with no discernable difference.

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Hi Pauline

I can now though I still get very tired. My Surgeon told me not to lift anything heavy for 3 months or I could have problems with my tummy. So my son and sis had to do my shopping. My tummy is fine now - no tightness at all.