Spot like Rash on bresst


I’m 6 weeks post surgery, mastectomy and Diep reconstruction. Everything fine and about two weeks ago started massaging the cream from hospital onto scars. I noticed small spots appearing on my breast, but not at any other scars. I actually didn’t use much on breast compared to tummy as was still a bit wary of the scar.

Had an appointment with nurse and plastic surgeon last Friday and the nurse noticed the spots. So gave me a different cream. Spots seemed to get worse but I was unsure if it was just the effect of the previous cream still coming out.

Anyway for the last couple of days I haven’t used anything. As I start rads in November and don’t want them delayed. I was hoping it would start to clear up quickly. I could then use the second cream and see if the spots came out again.

However, they don’t seem to be clearing and now seem to be spreading to my upper abdomen just below the breast.

Anyone else had this? I was thinking of taking an antihistamine (on tamoxifen is this ok?). I don’t tend to have sensitive skin or react to things. Plus I have no reaction on other parts of my body where I’ve used the cream.

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