Spots, why and any tips?

Hi all,
I had my second cycle of FEC 10 days ago now and i seem to have developed itchy spots on my face, and chest. They don’t look like acne, but are quite small and itch. They aren’t massively noticeable and look more like a rash without being red ( if that makes sense)
Has anyone else had this and if so any advice on how to combat them or any ideas why they have occurred?
Any advice welcome.

I’ve only had one FEC so far bot I got acne within the first few days, swollen and painful touch. When I looked it up, it is a common side effect but I suppose it’s not as far up on the list as fatigue and nausea. Last week, my onoologist suggested I use antibacterial face wash but I get the impression from him and other sources that it *could * last until the end of the chemo.

From what you describe, I wonder if antihistamines might help? If its dry as well, perhaps e45 or similar. Your GP could even prescribe.

Hi Ladies, I don’t know why it happens but I had that as well. It disappeared after my 2nd FEC and my skin was perfect from there on in, in fact my skin was better on FEC than it was before x

Thanks ladies. They aren’t painful or sore. Will try and antihistamine and see if that works :slight_smile:

Hi Raechi,

I too had an acne like spread of spots, some developed yellow heads and were painful. I had a massive one on my ear, This, after my first EC.

When I mentioned it to the nurses on my next visit they told be it was blocked hair follicles; possibly because the hair was coming out. I was advised to call them if it happened again because of the risk of infection. Thankfully it hasn’t.


I too have developed spots mainly on my chest and arms, they look a bit like bits. They do become itchy and i have taken antihistamine a couple of times. Im also using E45 lotion which seems to be helping aswell. I have a friend who had BC and she said she’d had the same, so have put it down to a side effect of FEC


Thanks, looks like its a side effect of the FEC then…
Will mention it to my onc, but seems like its ‘normal’

having always had spots I was ready for even more with chemo… BUT I only got 1 during treatment and have had 1 since… so just 2 spots in the last year, but of an extreme way to get rid of them but every cloud has a silver lining and all that!
good luck x

I developed spots after my first taxotere chemo. and was given antibiotic ointment & hydrocortisone cream to apply to the spots and inflammed areas they both worked well and cleared the spots up within a few days,after that I used Tea Tree cleanser & moisturiser and it relly helped to keep spots at bay from then on.