Spray tan post Chemo/rads (shallow topic!)

hi everyone, just wanted to see if anyone has had a spray tan post Chemo/rads. I finished Chemo in august and radiotherapy to my breast nearly four weeks ago. I didn’t suffer broken skin, it just was red and dry for a while but is looking pretty much back to normal ish now, save for what looks like an old sun tan. I am off out this weekend in my quest to regain my life and quite fancy a healthy glow…

Seems a bit shallow to phone my bcn and waste her time asking!


Hi Vicki

No not at all shallow. I’m in the middle of chemo with rads to follow and sick of looking like a ghost - can’t wait to look a bit healthier!

Sorrry I don’t have an answer for you - just bumping this post cos I’d like to know too.

Lilac x

Hi Vicki,

The staff on the helpline may be able to help with this question if you’d like to give them a ring. Calls are free, 0808 800 6000.

Take care,
Jo, Facilitator

getting some normality back would be great. I too would love to know. I have my last chemo this Wed, lilke many have been so sick, fatigued and I have put on over 2 stone so feeling very ugly and unfeminine… so anything that helps is a huge bonus in my book.

thanks for this thread

Hadn’t occured To me to call the helpline. Der! thanks for the idea! Will do so tomorrow and post the info. Yes I want to try and feel like the old me a bit. I am off to a take that tribute night and also to my husbands work do, and feel quite self conscious . Have bought a lovely glam auburn wig and would like to get some colour in my cheeks too. Thanks ladies.


Not shallow at all … as they say ‘Look good, feel better’

I’ve not had a professional spray tan but used the L’Oreal spray and Dove lotion with fake tan all through chemo and since - any thing to get rid of that ghastly pallor!

I had no problems at all and looked so much better. I’ve not had rads though so not sure about that.

Get spraying and look gorgeous for your big night out xx

I asked my breast oncologist friend, she said it’s a bit soon to do a full fake tan after rads so to just do the bits that are on show for now. No point messing up my breast skin recovery at this late stage! So off to buy good self tan tmrw for a bit of diy tanning.