Spray Tans - are they safe to have ?

Hi Ladies
Can anyone advise if they have had a spray tan since finishing treatment ? My only concern is my rads area & poorly breast as I have Lymphodema in my breast and the skin is slightly pitted , do you think it would be safe to have one ?

Janice x

Bumpity bump :slight_smile:

Hi Lottie63, I have had a couple of spray tans finished active treatment middle of feb,
I also get my OH to put st tropaz on me all the time lol… Hope this helps :slight_smile:
Michelle x

Janice - I had rads No.3 today and was wondering the same thing.
I asked the radiotherapy nurse about swimming, sunbathing. She told me to keep rads area covered up and if your skin feels hot through your t-shirt/top, to sit in the shade. So I suppose you just don’t sit in sun for too long! Arms, legs, face OK - just use normal sun factor SPF 15 or above.
Swimming is OK even whilst having rads - just shower well afterwards and put your rads. cream on.
Fake tan you can use everywhere, but you have to wait a few weeks from the end of rads, until you are sure your skin’s settled down, and then it’s OK to use fake tan on your treated rads area. So it’s just covering up the treated area in the sun that’s important and being aware that your skin there will always be more sensitive, so use high factor (over 30) sun cream there.
I’ve just been outside (15 mins. at a time) lying on the lounger with T-shirt and scarf round neck, and put my shorts on - bliss!

Thanks ladies , Its only for my holiday as my legs look dreadful all white and veins everywhere ugh not nice ! But I thought id have full body spray tan as it MIGHT help protect my rads area as well , I use factor 50 anyway but every little helps :slight_smile: I was just worried if anybody had been advised not to have them , I finished rads last september so should be fine

Janice x