Spread to Bone Marrow

Has anyone with bone mets been diagnosed with spread to bone marrow? Got results of bone marrow biopsy today which showed bone marrow involvement. Onc wasn’t over concerned as felt it was not new progression. I’m being booked in for another CT to see what bones/organs are up to with fulvestrant/densumab combination. In the mean time I’m going to have a couple of units of blood. Just don’t know what to expect as I’ve read bone marrow spread rare. I know more chemo is on the horizon but is this going to work?

On another point I listened to Lemongrove’s advice on cancer receptors changing & asked they were checked on the bone marrow sample. In my case they haven’t changed but at least I know the hormone options they are trying are the correct ones.


Hi Mildred

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Hi Mildred
i have a friend who the cancer has got through to the bone marrow. I mentioned to my Onc and he said he wasn’t bothered if my bone mets got through to the bone marrow.
I think chemo would get to the bone marrow as it gets to the blood cells isn’t that where the blood cells are made - not sure I’ll google it.
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Thanks for replying Sue

Your blood is made in your bone marrow. I had the biopsy as my blood counts have remained low after 6 months on capecitabine.
If, when, I go back on to chemo, paclitaxol, I’ll be closely monitored to ensure blood counts don’t go really low due to the chemo.


I too have diffuse spread in bone marrow. I am in the US and treated at MD Anderson where I was first put on Paclitaxel which is now found not to be working as tumor markers going up. Today I have changed to capecitabine instead. My Onc says that it’s a process of elimination and if we are lucky we happen upon a drug that works for the individual. What works for one may not work for another. I am ever hopeful. I also have spots in my liver (may have more that is undetectable as my blooming cancer develops in tiny foci rather than masses…

Hope you ladies have good news and good responses,

Hello Ladies, I was initially diagnosed with breast cancer with mets to bone marrow almost 8 years ago. It wasn’t until I was very ill and very low bloods that they finally found out why as my breast cancer did not show up on any of my many mammograms over the years. I literally was at deaths door in hospital when my radiologist suggested a marrow biopsy as my spleen was enlarged and had calcifications. That was 8 years ago this November and I feel well and living life as normal. I was placed on tamoxifen, I get monthly zoladex implants and have just finished course 135 of capecitabine and picking up 136 next week. I have been very fortunate that my drugs worked well for me, so far but I also found that tart cherry juice, I get it from cherry active.co.uk, gives me energy and beet root juice, twice a week, I make fresh with apples, cucumbers and carrots, helps keep my immune system strong. My onc told me once that probably most people with bone mets probably have some degree of bone marrow involvement, people just don’t get it checked out, as it isn’t a pleasant procedure, until their bloods drop. Good luck to you all. Bonnie