Spread to liver.... thoughts on alcohol?


just found this forum when trying to google things over the last few months and hoping this may give more accurate help/advice!

Ive recently found out the cancer has spread to my bones and now to my spine. Started chemo but quickly discovered it wasn’t working so switched to Palbocyclib & Letrozole.

Ive massively cut back on alcohol and improved my diet, however I’ve still been having a couple of drinks once/twice a week.

Just wondering the thoughts on alcohol now it’s spread to my liver? Wasn’t a question I thought to ask my oncologist and can’t seem to find any info anywhere.

amy help/advice massively appreciated, feel like I need a Glass of wine after my latest bad news but worrying that it will make things worse!! 

Hi there, I’ve been diagnosed with mets to bones and possibly lungs. I too have reduced my alcohol intake, but I have to tell you that now and again I do pour myself a large G&T , even just to zone out, watch a good drama on TV and try to forget about the cancer for an hour, and that in itself is good for my mental health, don’t beat yourself up, we need to live a little too. 

Hi Ladies, I too have had recent spread to my liver and was feeling guilty about having a glass of my favourite tipple red wine. I have asked my onc and my Macmillan nurse and they hav both told me it’s ok to have alcohol so I am going with that. My nurse told me to stop feeling guilty as I have enough to deal with and that I still have to have a life and do what I enjoy.

so cheers!!xx