There is a posting from her son to say that she has passed away …a lovely lady that we will miss but was brave to the end …

Rip lovely lady …peace and free from pain now xx

Hello! This is her son Somak again. I made a new profile since I can’t post from hers. Please bear with me as this post will be difficult for all of us. My mother’s health unexpectedly took a turn for the worst and not much could be done to save her. I’ll spare the details It was unexpected and devastating. Right now we are in pain but the worst is now past us. It is the beginning of a long road to a new life for us and it will take time to heal from the pain in our hearts.

I want to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for all your messages and the support you gave my mother during her time here. It is truly touching to know that my mother was so loved by all here. I would like to know if there is any forum for bereavement and mourning. If you can send me any links that’ll be greatly appreciated. I will post again in some time. I want to thank you all again and I wish all of you good luck in your fight against this disease. Peace.

Hello Somak

We understand your pain and loss …just keep posting here and we will all support you through this terrible time …the ladies here are the kindest and helpful people ever …we like to call ourselves a cyber family as most of us have never met but are always here when you need them.
It was a shock to us all as the last posting your mum did was about having dry lips !!
At the moment there will be so many arrangements to make but take time out to grieve and also maybe get out the family photos and look at the happy times you enjoyed over the years !! That worked for me when I lost my Mum .
Hugs from us all xxxxxx

Hello! Thank you for your replies! I’m a lot better today but it’s still hard. I don’t know how to start piecing things back together. Hopefully I’ll have some idea in time. My family and friends have been an immense support to me in this difficult time. I’m just in my early 20s and I have yet to figure out what to do and now I have to do it without my mom. I miss her so much.

Hello Somak
I understand how you feel as I was only 21 when I lost my darling mum too …over the years I was very jealous of my friends that still had theirs.
Maybe you have a grandmother still around or special friends that might support you over the next few months …but I’m sure as a family you will all comfort each other …
Please feel free to pop in here anytime you feel the need to chat …always someone here for you …you are not alone and even though we are cyber friends …we are real people.

Thank you for the replies. It’s a little easier today. My family have been very supportive and we have had so many people visiting us and offering support and sharing wonderful stories about mom. My mom was such a wonderful and inspiring person to us all.

Carolyn 52: Yes she would complain about dry lips so I would go and buy a whole pack of mango flavoured candy for her and she’d spend the evenings eating candy and watching TV with us. :smiley:

Kate21: Thank you for your message. It’s still raw but I’m sure time will heal. My mood still changes from time to time in the day. But I hurt less and take one day at a time.

Thank you again. All of you are so brave and kind. My mother truly felt the love and guidance from everyone here and was stronger for it.