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Hello Everyone

Does anyone know about the SSP1 Form. I was advised by Macmillan to ask my empolyer for this form when my Statutory Sick Pay runs out or just before 28 weeks I think it is? Has anyone had experience of asking an employer for this form, and what should you ask? I don’t want to say too much to them as I have not had my mastectomy yet, which is due (I hope in December) and I may not want to return to the job afterwards because I don’t know if I could handle the travelling to City anymore let alone return to work full time. Money is always a problem, all we need on top of our cancer issues!!
Any replies greatly appreciated



Hello Hamlet

I work for a small charity and although I have not asked for an SSP1 for myself I have been asked for one by another employee who was on long term sick. If you have a look here you can see the form
Your employer would normally tick D unless there is another reason why your SSP is ending. I would suggest you ask them a couple of weeks before your SSP will run out and ask for a SSP1 form (they should know what you are talking about) - if you dont want to enter into discussion about going back to work or not - maybe just remind them what is on your sick note and that your doctor will review it when the current sick note runs out. I hope this is just a little bit helpful.


All you need to do is email HR (always put everything in writing) stating that you believe that they should send a form SSP1 to you 3-5 weeks before SSP ends and that you look forward to its safe receipt.

You really do not need to include any other details. If you wish to update them on your treatment, it is entirely voluntary; they MUST NOT ask you for this info so long as you’re supplying sick notes and you are not obliged to keep them informed other than to give them some notice about a possible return (if you do return) for their planning reasons.

I’m currently in an unofficial dispute about this.

My employer won’t send one to me. I only found out about when a Macmillan adviser told me that I needed one in order to claim ESA. I should have got mine in September.

I’m unhappy as you might imagine, just scraping away at savings now to keep going.

Hi, I worked for the NHS and the payroll dept just sent me the SSP1 5 weeks before my sick pay ran out, so that I had time to get the ESA sorted.

From experiance, the sick note and other stuff comes to you after ssp finishes at 27 weeks, takes about 5 days They won’t send them any earlier, as if you are getting ssp from the employer, the note belongs to them while you are being paid.

Yes, mine just came through in the post, I didn’t have to ask for it or anything. My HR dept has been great.

Hi hamlet

If you qualify for SSP, your employer will pay you £81.60 per week for a total of 28 weeks.
If your ‘Statement of fitness for work’ certificate which you submitted to your employer exceeds the 28 week period, the Employer should return this together with an SSP1 form to you at about 23 weeks. usually the employer does not send out an SSp1 form until they know that you are medically covered past the 28 week period.
Hope this helps

Carol x

I honestly don’t think the Employer gives two hoots as to weather you have an income macsmum. My sick pay stopped and that was that.

I note all your comments above but as I stated earlier, mine was due nearly 2 months ago and I am not a happy bunny. They are not answering emails now.

Hello Ladies

Thanks so much for all your advice and comments. I will take all into mind and act when neccessary. I think I’m that kind of person where I don’t like asking for benefits and don’t want my employer to ask awkward questions about when/if I am returning. I don’t want them to stop my SSP which is still running if they have any knowledge that I may not return to the job. All this on top of getting to grips with my oncoming mastectomy in December is all getting to me. I’ve got enough to worry about now as to the operation and recovery period!
Thanks again