St Johns Wort

St Johns Wort

St Johns Wort Was diagnosed over 2 years ago now. Went through surgery, chemo and radiotherapy fine.

Last November my doctor said that I was suffering with depression. Have tried 4 different sorts of medication since and none have been overly successful for varying reasons. Today, he has advised that I stop taking any anti-depressants and go without for a while and see how I go on.

He’s OK’ed trying omega 3 (it certainly won’t hurt trying, is what he said) but also suggested St Johns Wort.

Thought I’d seen something about this but not sure - am I getting it muddled with red clover - know that I can’t use that as I’m on Arimidex.

Has anyone else had similar problems and tried it, or know of any reason for not using it etc etc

I’m doing fine otherwise,

Many thanks

Warnings Hi,

I use the sloan kettering site for checking out herbal and supplement interactions ( and there is a warning about using St Johns Wort with Tamoxifen. Also a warning for use with most chemo drugs.

I’m not sure whether the site has updated it’s database with interactions with AI’s (Arimidex), so I tend to steer clear of anything that interacts with Tamoxifen (I’m also on Arimidex). Might be best to check with your onc.

Glad to hear your fine otherwise, just over 2 years myself and still have some lows. Hope you find something that works for you.

Take care

Advice from Breast Cancer Care Hi Honeyrum

I aksed one of our information nurses about this and she replied:

Many women consider taking herbal medicines. However, it is important to remember that these are likely to have an effect on your body and should be used with care. The herbal remedy St John’s wort has been shown to interact with Tamoxifen and it is not advisable to take this when taking Tamoxifen. This may be what you have previously read.

Best wishes
Infomation nurse

Breast Cancer Care

Hello Honeybun,
Here’s another site on which to check out drug/herb interactions:

Very comprehensive.

. I took St Johns Wort for short periods (until it kicked in really 3 months max) while I was on tamoxifen. I know I have a vague memory of beig told it was an unknown herbal remedy and i should avoid it - but as i was so depressed and it had worked for me in the past, I figured it was better than being hormonally unbalanced through depression.
I like to think that being happy was better for me and would have wiped out any negative effects of the herb.
If anyone can advise me different I am open to criticsm :slight_smile:
I am off tamoxifen and now and would like to take it again, but I am unsure of the effect on me after Tamoxifen - does that make sense?
Pre cancer it always worked really well for me.

I would be interested to know of any sites/groups that advise on herbal remedies now treatment has finished.

To the original poster - good luck, but make an informed decision ! What I did may have been a bit daft - but it was my decision.