Stabbing Pain in my head - up the walls again!

Hi all,
I’ve managed a good 8 weeks or so without scaring myself silly about mets, but I’m back there again!I
Since yesterday evening I have had a very peculiar type of headache, very focussed into one spot of my head. Its not sore all the time but comes and goes in a stabbing sensation. I know its early to worry about symptoms, but has anyone else had this?



Hi Katie61

I had stabbing pains in my head, it was like someone was poking a long needle into me. The pain started on one side and came and went for a while, it was that painful i was jumping and holding the side of my head while crying out in pain. I did contact my bcn and she spoke to my onc who sent me for a brain scan. The scan showed up to be clear and i was told that it was probably a build of of stress due to the surgery and treatment. I am now on rads and the headaches seem to have went, although i do get one from time to time but certainly not as much as i did. My headaches moved about my head. Speak to your bcn and get it checked.

take care x

Hi Catherine,
I had stabbing pains in the head in February, having finished chemo and rads the previous September. They were really sharp and stabbing, just as you describe! I had a bone scan and all looked ok, but then I went on to have severe back pain in March!! It was so bad I was on copious amounts of morphine, and eventually had surgery in the summer. I just started to come off morphine and the head pains were back!! Unfortunately 12 weeks after my back op, the pain returned and I am back on morphine, and due to have yet another op. It has all been quite frightening, as you never know whether it is cancer returning or something else. In my case it keeps being something else, but it is hard to not worry. Did you have Taxotere? I find it really strange that we are all having same head pains!! The good thing is both Vodka and I had scans and nothing sinister was found, so take heart. Hope it clears up soon,
Love Annie x

Hi Ladies,Thank you so much for replying. Turns out I had shingles, I had never had it and didnt recognise the symptoms
For the record, I had a small area on my stomach with little blisters, it appeared overnight and within a day the blisters had dried up and gone an angry red. The skin on that side of my body was really sensitive too, still is 2 weeks later. The pains in my head were on the same side and are gone now, so I do feel they were connected. I got an anti-viral med from my GP, one a day for 7 days.

HOWEVER! I did have taxotere, finished in April, so maybe that is the problem!

God it would do your head in - no pun intended!!

Katie x x

Interesting! So sorry to hear you have had shingles, and I wish you a speedy recovery…goodness knows you have been through enough!!

Annie XX