Stabbing pains day 1

Hello all

I had  lump removal combined with breast reduction.  No chemo or hormone suppression. 

Yesterday had my first radiotherapy session of 5. This morning I have stabbing pains in the area close to centre. The whole breast feels tight and umcomfortable  and warmer than normal to touch. 

Is this usual after one treatment? If it keeps getting worse not sure I can face finishing the sessions. Doing more damage to an already hurting breast feels quite difficult. 

It would be good to hear others experiences. 

Wishing you all well. 

Hiyer Jan,  I had 20 sessions (15 and 5 boosters) and there is no doubt that I had the stabbing pains you refer to and commented on them to the nurses. They said it was common. However, it was much nearer to the middle of the treatments before it became obviously ‘stabby’ for me and definitely swollen, tight, hot and uncomfortable over the whole breast internally. It was of course caused by the obvious - delicate tissue, scar tissue and disturbed nerves responding to the rt.

I wasn’t in the era of the ‘5 session’ plan, but am I right in thinking that this new 5 session plan gives rt that is stronger in intensity ? If thats the case then Im assuming that the effects could come on more quickly. When I had my effects I took it to mean that it was doing what it was meant to do ‘potentially killing’ any remaining stray cancer cells. If it were me, I’d think carefully about the fact that there are 4 more sessions only and about the reason they are being given (the aim) and talk to the rt nurses about the side-effects and how to mitigate them. They will only be temporary problems :slightly_smiling_face:

I hope someone else might come along who is having or has had the 5 session treatment and can describe their side effects for you…