I was diagnosed in May 2006, had mastectomy followed by chemo and radio which finished in February 2007. I’ve felt quite well but get really bad stabbing pains in various areas of my body. Toes and fingers quite bad, top of my leg, stomach and on my head (temple area). They literally last for a couple of seconds then go away. Its not a cramp pain, more like somebody stabbing me with a knife. They don’t seem to frequent one particular area but it happens quite regular throughout the day on different parts of my body. Has anybody else experienced this or am I just losing it completely??


I haven’t had chemo Anniemay but am always getting stabbing pains which literally take your breath away. I get them in my feet and fingers, more so in one which I once fractured. I put it down to the affect that Tamoxifen is having on me. Hope this helps


Thanks Debbie. I’m not on any medication like Tamoxifen because I was Triple negative. I think it maybe the chemo, but like you say, they literally take your breath away or in some cases stop you in your tracks. Its doesn’t help when you get one in the middle of the isle in Tescos!! Something else I’ll have to learn to live with no doubt.


Hi Anniemay and Thrifty

From what both of you say in your posts I am not able to really give any guidance on what may be causing the stabbing pains you describe -although they do sound troublesome.
I would suggest asking your GP about these pains you are experiencing, and perhaps keeping a diary of when they occur, what time of day, and what you were doing at the time, this may help in looking to what is causing the pain and how it may be treated.

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Hi Anniemay and Thrifty

Since finishing chemo I have had stabbing pains on and off they seem like nerve pulsating pains, I get them mainly in my hands and feet for some reason…not sure if this is what you are experiencing, so not sure if this helps, I was on 6 FEC chemo’s …

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I’ve had stabbing pains as well and just put it down to treatment. Every morning when I wake up I get a tingling feeling dowm my legs and feet and its not a nce feeling at all - it lasts for about 3-5mins - has anyone else experienced this tingly feeling?