Stable Disease

Results today. Heart not so great, LVEF down to 48%.
Need a non-urgent brain scan BUT

no change to mets since FEB …Yipppeeee

Julie xxx

Hi Juliet

That is great news for you. No change to mets is great and least you know your treatment is working. Lets hope you get many more scans like that.

Take care

Hi Julie,
no change in mets sounds good to me long may it continue.
Love Debsxxx

this is fantastic news !!!

That’s brilliant. A glass of wine to celebrate?!!! xxx

Hi Julie,

Great news on stable mets.
Hope all goes well for your brain scan


That’s brilliant news. I do love the word “stable”! Good luck with your forthcoming tests.

Thats good news juliet its what we all want to hear

brill :slight_smile: xx

Juliet - very happy to hear your news - stable is great - hope you are celebrating!!! Jaynex

Great news Julie - stable is brilliant, so pleased for you.

Lesley xxx

Thanks for all of your kind words.
Can’t get too excited, as you know what this disease is like!!?

For today I am pleased. Those whose results are not so good, are always in my mind.

Every day I hope and pray for new breakthroughs and treatments so our children and their children wont have to struggle.

A bit idealistic i suppose, but it is the nature of this crappy disease.

Thanks again,

Julie xxx

Hi Julie, I’m so happy for you.
I too hope for new breakthroughs…all the time.
Stable is good.

That’s great news Julie. Stable is good!Hope all goes well with your brain scan and your heart improves.
Take care,
Love Anne xx

That is great news and the words we all want to hear each time we get results. Long may it continue.
Nicky x

Great news Julie!!

I am so pleased for you!!!

I am waiting for results at the moment and it`s driving me crazy,I try not to think about it but the brain keeps going into overdrive.

Have a wonderful celebratory weekend!

Take care
Love Janx

Congratulations on stable, thats great news, long may it continue.


Thanks again.
I know its good news but just cannot get excited. Figure if I dont over react to highs it might work the same with inevitable lows.
Always think of that Kipling ‘If’ poem.

‘If you can meet with triumph and disaster and treat those two imposters just the same’.

Julie xxx