I have Sbc and I was diagnosed back in sept 2019 with it in my breast, lymph node and liver. I had my second scan since finishing chemo and have  got a Stable scan result today. I know I should be pleased but mixed emotions. Is this normal ?! Suspected new lesion back in liver so will scan again in 2-3 months to check!!

Compared to many people I know I am incredibly fortunate right now as I only have to have herceptin and pertuzumab every 3 weeks and try to remain strong and positive for everyone to see. But it creeps up on you and then I am a crying mess!!! Any tips or advice welcome . X 

Sorry realise may have posted in wrong section! Not use this site much x 

Hi lisajt

Thank you for sharing and it’s fine to post on this board. However, you may get a better response in the Living with Secondary Breast Cancer board. I hope this helps. 

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HI Stable.

New on here and finding my way round probably very badly.

I am also in a mess my mind especially.  I have been very lucky since shock diagnosis of it coming back thirty years later.  My team are superb though I don’t always appreciate their work and effort.  Regarding the sadness, crying and now being diagnosed with depression, I am in weekly contact through the local hospital with the therapy department.  A mix of occupational and physio.  Occupation have directed me to a mindfulness course both on the NHS website and other contributors all for free. Only started last week and it is tough going, telling your brain you must concentrate on a particular subject for ten minutes.  

Last night was dreadful, dark thoughts, no sleep and cold.  I desperately tried to get through the door I walked to in my session.  I got to the door but could not reach the other side where the woods, ferns and glorious fishpond were waiting  just for me.  No matter how I tried my mind ? feet would not take me over he threshold.  Something though must have worked because I did indeed fall asleep and had quiet a reasonable couple of hours.

 Why don’t you contact your team and ask about the many and varied options, something someone  will be able to help.  Mindfulness is something I just fell upon out of the blue years ago, I find it  very hard, so I am determined to train my brain.  

Hope this is of use.  Lots of hugs