Stage 3 , breast cancer triple negative

Hello ! My name is Ramona, I had a very bad time when I found out I had cancer. Now I am 38 years old, a girl of 1 year and one month. I started chemotherapy on December 1, 2022 and finished on April 21, 2023, I will have one more week of radiotherapy. What I want to say is that we have to be strong when we have such a problem. When I had to have an operation, I found out that I was pregnant, the doctor told me that I had to choose, the operation or the child, clearly I chose the child. Now I enjoy my miracle of a little girl. As long as you are strong, nothing can bring you down! I want you to understand what I write because I don’t write quite correctly in English!

Dear Ramona,

Well done to you, and congratulations on your beautiful little girl. Wishing you well going forward with your radiotherapy to complete your treatment.

Take one day at a time, accept help if you needed it. You have been through a lot, you are  a very positive young lady.

Please come back, after your final treatment and let us know how you are doing.

biggest hugs Tili ???

Hi! Today I went to the radiotherapy center in my city, I had a CT scan and on July 13th I will start treatment for 3 weeks. I want to get through this period as well, but I’m a bit restless… I’d like to know if there are people who can explain to me what adverse effects they had after radiotherapy. Thank you !

The only side effect I got was red ‘sunburnt’ skin which was worse about 7-10 days after radiotherapy finished. It is important to moisturise well using gentle simple cream but not for the 2 hours before treatment on the day.
Good luck