Stage 3

Hi, anyone with stage 3?  I have not been told my stage but have worked it out.  Had mastectomy in October and axillary clearance.  It was only on histology the trur extent of cancer became apparent - 12cm and 7 out 14 lymph nodes, mammogram, ultrasound and mri didn’t not show the extent.  Half way througy chemo and will have radio and tamoxifen.  Just wondering if anyone else have similar diagnosis and reassurance.  Many thanks x

Hi Mel 

I believe I may be stage 3 , but they haven’t said officially.

Loular 55mm , one positive node -nothing shown on MRI or ultrasound about node.

I had a mastectomy in November , am starting chemo in the next couple of weeks , then radiotherapy, then tamoxifen.

What chemo are you on ? I am having 4 x EC then 4 x Pac at fortnightly intervals-how are you finding it ?

Thanks x

Hi Mel and Gracie

I’m also thinking I must be Stage 3, and like you, my tumour turned out to be much larger than was originally found on mammogram and ultrasound. It was 75mm, which was a real shock, and has been a difficult thing to come to terms with. How could I not have found it? I had a mastectomy on 23/11, and the sentinel lymph node was also positive. Since then I’ve had bone & CT scans, & now waiting for biopsy of an enlarged node seen on the CT. So I may need node clearance before starting any further treatment.

Thanks so much for posting, it’s so helpful to hear what other folk are dealing with :slightly_smiling_face: and maybe what other options are around XX