Stage 3

Whose had stage three and still
Here to tell the tale? I’m feeling very negative today about recurrence and turning terminal befor even finished my chemo ?

My friend is stage 3, grade 3 and is still around 5 years later… The medicines and treatments we are all having is saving lots of lives every year… You will get through this. xxxx

Jane1978 I think we all can relate to this at one time or another.
I have days where I can shake off the feeling things are worse taht what I’ve been told- just think it’s a natural reaction.
I’ve got a grade 3 tumour and hers2 positive but not been told what stage they keep telling me it’s early stages - and that’s all - I have my surgery on 22nd May and hopefully start treatment soon afterwards.

I’m in a grey day today, but just been perked up by my little girls mischievous face and knowing at need to be around to what my little red headed Demoned child grown up…
Hang in their hun and I’m here if you wanna chat xx

Thanx girls I just hear something negative and seem to dwell on it for a while I am feeling quite **bleep**ty n down today tho as had my third chemo on thurs n has hit me hard this time !! Just need to stop feeling sorry for myself xx

I was the same yesterday after hearing about Rio ferdinand’s wife - then I think about the positives. My kids being the first one.
When I was first diagnosised as well as thinking Jeremy beadle was lurking someone ready to jump out at me I fell apart, I googled away and found that made me worse! Then came across this forum and it’s helped me loads.
It’s nice this site exists - it’s awful we are all going through this but is comforting to know your not alone in all this xxxx

Sazza38/ I’m grade 3 and Her2 positive as well. Herceptin is s wonder drug… It wasn’t available to the likes of us 10 years ago. It will make us better ?

I don’t know yet if I’m hormone positve taking ages for results at first dint want to be but now I’m maybe hoping I am at least they an try n stop it coming back x

Good luck Sazza38. Have you had your op … Hope it went well and you are recovering ?

Hi Sazza38
Hope you ok after your op? Take it easy and rest up apart from your exercises! I’m doing well thank you … 2nd chemo this week on Thursday … Not looking forward to being ill again though but now it doesn’t last ? …

Hi Jane I had stage 3 her 2 pos tumour had chemo first, followers by surgery, followed by rad. Am now having Herceptin every 3 weeks for a year and taking Letrozola for 5 years! Quite honestly we are stage 3 and not stage 4 so our prognosis is far greater! Be positive and enjoy the rest of your life!

Hi Jane I’m grade 3 HER2 +ve and have had chemo therapy and now surgery last week. I can relate to your blues as if you have consulted Dr Google, as I suspect, you pretty much convince yourself you are unlikely to live beyond next year. I’m waiting for my staging now biut due to the size of my cancer I’m expecting to be stage 3. There is a great deal of research going on now so new treatments will be coming along. Big hugs xxx

Sazza I feel the same way - cancer cut out, the rest is just following procedure! Its how I’ve got through the last 8 months. I was also made redundant in march, I’m sure I’ve got grounds for unfair dismissal but to be honest I can’t find the energy to fight him. Try and do those exercises they are very important.

Oh riverside that’s awful !!! Haven’t u got someone who can sort it out for u ! See a sol for free to see if got a case x

Hey Jane1978,


I’m stage 3 / 4. I have good days and bad days moodwise, but I have noticed mine seem to follow my chemo cycle? I may be wrong but it does kind of fit…


At first I wasn’t having chemo - just hormone treatment but they found it was far more agressive than they thought and HER2+ so I am now on continuous weekly Paclitaxol and Herceptin to try to manage a bit more time. I have had 4 treatments now and reached full strength chemo today - my LFT’s were not good enough to be able tolerate the full strength at first and they had to step it up gradually. I ended up in hospital again a few weeks ago due to jaundice, but my colour is far better now so fingers crossed this cycle/treatment!


Not sure if any of this helps, but there are more of us out there, hun. You do not have to go through this alone…  *holds out hand to hold*



Pen x