Starating chemo

Hi all after bieng told that I need to have chemo. I was sent to see the oncologist on Monday 17th September I was home for about an hour when the chemo nurse rang and told me that the chemo would start 27th September. I know this is good but I was trying to come to terms with it then bang with the date. I was absolutely heartbroken at work my last shift and still very emotional and scared. God I think we all need medals for what we go through because it has been so hard to stay strong and positive some days.
Good luck to everyone who is going through this.
Abella x

Hi Abella,

I’m starting chemo next week (4th Oct) so I know how you feel. I’ve read some info about it via the usual channels, but I’m still nervous because it’s like diving into the unknown. I want to get the first cycle out of the way because at least then I’ll finally know what it’s like and can steel myself for the remaining ones. This might sound trite but laughter is the best medicine cos I had a little cry this morning about my upcoming chemo, but ended up feeling fine after watching a couple of funny videos. I guess that’s all we can do - be as positive as we can. Good luck! :slight_smile: