Starfish nipple removal


I’ve never posted to a forum before, but I’ve never had breast cancer before, so here goes. 3 weeks ago I had a wide local excision, and axillary node clearance. My lump was behind the nipple, which had to be removed, which was a bit of a shock, as I rather liked my matching pair. My surgeon said she would use a starfish technique but did not have any photos to show me. She said this would be much better aesthetically then a more traditional horizontal scar. It doesn’t look great! The nurse and surgeon said it was healing beautifully, but I’m a bit traumatised. The long whiskers dissolvable stitches don’t help. Has anyone had one done, and if so what is the outcome further down the line? At the moment I have a big dip in the breast too. I have researched 3D nipple tattoos (who knew?), and nipple prostheses, which was also an eye opener.

Hi Carmen Verandah, 

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Hi Carmen 

I am in a similar position, I had my surgery last Friday, my cancer was also behind the left nipple and had to be removed.  I wasn’t actually told what the scar would be like and expected to find a horizontal scar but was pleased with what I called my tied balloon look.  I didn’t know it was called starfish.  

I now too have to think about reconstruction and have been told that they can use part of my right nipple to even things out but I’m not sure how I feel about this.

I hope we can support each other as we have gone through a similar experience at  the same time.


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