Start radiotherapy on Tuesday 17th Dec

Hi Everyone,


First time I have visited this forum


I start radiotherapy on Tuesday.   Worried if I will feel exhausted and nauseous.  I am terrified of medics.  Agh.

Kind regards to you all.



I am sure you will be fine.  The thought of it is much more daunting than the rads themselves.


Have you been advised to take in plenty of fluids, I was recommended two litres a day, as that will help to counter any possible dehydration effects you may have from the rads.  I found it was the daily travelling to and from the hospital that tired me more.  I used to take a bottle of water with me as well as my moisturising cream, which I would apply immediately after each session whilst I was getting dressed.  Listen to your body it will tell you when you need to rest, I used to have a nap when I got home from each session, I would be sitting there and then I was asleep only for about 10 minutes then I would wake and carry on. 


All the best for Tuesday, that will be the longest of your appointments because they will probably go through what happens etc with you, then after that they are generally onlly 10 minutes from the time you go in until you have got dressed again.


Sending you hugs


Helena xxx



Hi AngelaVeronica,

I am on the Dec 2019 radiotherapy thread.

I am on day 8 of 15 today and I haven’t experienced any nausea as yet.

This weekend I have felt a bit tired but I am not sure if that is more to do with the time of year and trying to get everything done before the fatigue sets in. 

As previously said, your first appt will be longer as they get your positioning right and take pictures for reference, pictures will then be taken weekly ( well at Leeds they do).

Good luck for tomorrow and everyone on here are very supportive :heart:

Mandy x

Hi Angelaveronica,


i have had 15 radiotherapy sessions and never felt sicky and was just a little tired.

didnt have the ’ fatigue ’ that some people have.

From experience drink plenty and moisture the area well.  I did it before i changed back into my clothes after my session.  I used Aveeno all the way through and had no problems with my skin just a little redness at the end.

If the area gets hot,  put a large cotton hanky inside your bra/crop top against your skin.

good luck,  try not to stress,  it really is doable… ( compared to chemo )

mini mad xx ??