Started Arimidex

I had the Ovaries and tubes out 18/1 and swapped from Tamoxifen to Arimidex on Friday (1/2/2008).
I’ve read up about all the potential lovely side effects, but just wondered when people noticed them kicking in? Oddly, my sore knees seem a little better and that’s not what I’d expect.Also, the flushes seem to have subsided. (Oh, I know I am going to regret tempting fate by writing this!)

i am on arimidex, started it on the 7th of jan, but i already had the sore joints from the tamoxifen and zoladex, i have noticed that mine have gone worse, also the hot sweats/flushes from hell, but that could be the natural menopause now anyway!!! i take Adcal, and have got some clonidine off the gp that help a little, i think its great that your having no side effects, your doing something right, keep up with the good work