Started Chemo last monday

Started Chemo last monday

Started Chemo last monday Hey there lovely ladies, just to say that i started chemo last monday. Unfortunately (dont want to frighten anyone) but i had a reaction to one of the drugs. As it went in i suddenly could not breath, went purple in my face and had terrible pain up through my spine. Has anyone else had this? Apparently it can happen even though nobody had warned me, but the chemo nurses new exactly what to do and within 10 minutes i was fine again. Pretty scarey though.
Well so far the first 3 days had very very bad headaches, but apart from that so far so good. Feel very knackered if i do anything and trying to take it easy (yeah right with a 3, 4 and 5 week old) but just wondering how many people went down hill the 2nd week. Am i in the clear with most of the side effects?
I am on TAC chemo. I see alot of you are writting about CMF and EPI, what are they?
Still hanging onto to my hair but i guess this time next week it will be gone.
Unfortunately my masectomy scar has still not healed and i am going around with a bloody great hole in my side which ooozzes fluid all day long. Have to get it drained twice a week which i could really do without.
Still feel like i am sitting on a timebomb and that anytime now im gonna go off with hundreds of side effects.
Hope everyone is having a nice bank holiday apart from the “pants” weather.


HI LEIGH sorry can’t answer your questions re chemo., as i had FEC
How on earth are you going to take it easy with 3 young children…if you get any offers for babysitters take them as you will need your rest.
you must be feeling as if your spending everyday at the hospital with needing your scar fluid drained as well.
I know what you mean about waiting for those awful side effects to kick in…fortunately mine weren’t too bad…but i remember after my first chemo waiting for the nasty side effects to start, hopefully you won’t suffer too much with those either.

Your right about the weather…I’m not that far from you I live in Gloucestershire.

take care
karen x