Started FEC today

Dear all, typing this between waves of nausea! Had my first seesion this afternoon but now feeling really rough!!! How does it last? Anything I can do?


Fi x

I had six doses of FEC earlier this year. Poor chick, sorry to hear you’re feeling lousy, it’s rotten. Everyone responds differently. I was lucky that I was only actually sick once, but every time I felt nauseous for a couple of days and then flu like on the third day. After that I was OK, although as time went on, I found that I was getting very tired. Although it was exactly the same dose each time, i found that i had different responses - some were better than others. I put this down to my state of mind at the time and whether I had had enough rest in between. Afterwards it’s really important to get as much rest as you can so that your body has a chance to recover - don’t try to fight the nausea and if you can, sleep through it. In terms of practical things that helped, I found ginger (beer, ale, biscuits, crystallised, bread, etc) really helpful. I opened all the windows for lots of fresh air and splashed cold water on my face (the weather was somewhat warmer then than now, of course). i know some women have had success with the anti travel sickness wristbands you buy at the chemist.
Hope this helps a bit. Thinking of you.

Hi Fiona
I have just done 3xFEC, now awaiting the first of three Taxotere - starts Friday - oh great!!
I was nauseous for 2 days following first dose - then fine on day 3. Second dose I was sick as a dog and actually threw up…third dose they changed my anti-sick drugs and I was much better, no nausea at all - just tired.

Whatever you do - don’t suffer, tell them and they will up your dose of steroids.

Good luck - thinking of you and hoping it subsides soon…yuk yuk yuk.


Sorry you fe like this.
Phone your chemo unit and definately tell the onc how you feel next time. Often they start with cheap anti-sickness tablets and then if they don’t work then they will give you a different sort. there are loads of different types of anti-sickness tablets and some work better on some people than others.
Hope you feel better soon.
Remember it is important to try to drink a lot in the first few days as the C bit of FEC is a bladder irrtant so you do need not to be feling sick to achieve this.

Hi Fi

Really sorry to hear you are not feeling good.
I am on FECx6 and due number 3 next Tuesday. I think everyone is different in the way they react, also I reacted differently to number 2 than 1st!!!
Hope you are now improving and thinking of you.
I did find the travel wrist bands excellent for the constant feeling of nausea, I think it was Kelly who suggested them. Thanks Kelly.

Kim x


Sorry your not feeling very well, however what the ladies have suggested will help. I have had 2 EC due 3rd next Wed. I have only been sick once, which was first night of first chemo, but personally i think that was just nerves/anxiousness that I had been building up to all day and gave myself a migraine.
I find ginger biscuits help, and drinking fruit juice and water. As Kim says travel bands are good too.

Also, as above, rest is a key element so just because you feel well, dont go rushing round, just take it easy and in your own time.
Personally I have my chemo on a Wed and I return to work on the Monday. Everyone is different.

Take Care


Hi Fi
I’ve found rest is really important - sickness is definitely much worse when i am tired. Having said that, I always feel better after walking. Gentle walks, a nap and ginger tea…Try thinking of it as a relaxing autumn break maybe?! And the tablets do help I think.
Good luck.

Keep taking the anti sickness meds. I was very sickly after 1st ec but am better this time ( had second on Tuesday). Take the back up anti sickness, rest and wear the bands, it will get better!
Good luck

Hi Fi,

sorry to hear you’ve been feeling yukky, are you feeling any better today? There are a million combinations of anti-sickness meds they can give you, so if yours aren’t hitting the spot then I would defo contact your chemo unit to discuss alternatives. Please don’t suffer in silence. I have been having E-CMF since may and luckily they nailed my anti-sickness meds from day 1, I have Ondansetron and Dex and additional is Domperidone if needed. Also, I swear by travel bands, they defo helped me a lot. You can wear them day and night and are a great alternative to pill-popping! I know they don’t work for everyone but I’ve found them to be very good.

Take care and let us know how you’re doing,


Thanks for all your comments! Feeling much better now and just relieved the first one is over… only 5 more to go! The anti-sickness drugs worked a treat after the first day and I am beginning to feel more human again. Hurray!

Speak to you all soon,

Fiona xxxx

Hi Fiona,

I am so pleased you are feelin much better and that you are now starting to feel more human again, thats great news,

Take care,