started taxotere...

started taxotere…

started taxotere… hi,
I am feeling pretty wasted today from 1st lot of taxotere, and wanted to just connect with all of you. It’s been a hard week, was in hospital because my breathing was so bad, and I was puking and had awful headaches, and was so scared I had brain mets. Thankfully mri was all clear. Now I’ve had my first lot of taxotere (they’ve stopped Xelode as it wasn’t working for me) and I feel pretty wiped out by it all. I’m really hoping this taxotere works for me, and my lungs get sorted out. i find it so debilitating not being able to breathe well, being so tired, coughing so much. I am really crossing my fingers things get stable again. I feel weak, and tired, pissed off to be back on introveneous chemo again, but am also hopeful this will help as i know it helps a lot of people.
lots of love,

Hi Jo

Sorry you are feeling so crap - I am on Taxol (similar to Taxatere) and herceptin and after two full chemo sessions (i am 3 wks on 1 wks off) I had a CT scan which showed the spots on my lungs had in my oncologists words “all but gone” I think much as these taxanes makes us feel pretty awful they seem to do the job - I feel completely wiped out mentally and physically after 4 complete sessions (16 doses) but am trying to walk a little every day to keep my sanity have also taken up the offer of reflexlogy and gentle massages from the local cancer resource centre they help me feel good as well - hang on in there and fingers crossed the treatment will be killing off those rotten cells…


Hi Jo I’m really sorry that the xeloda didn’t help you.

The taxanes are hard work and I think you just have to go with it and be kind to yourself. If you feel c**p treat yourself to the kind of comfort things that you like when you are feeling low. When I had taxol (my worst treatment to date) and would just end up curled up on the sofa with a big fluffy cover on, watching TV and snoozing during the couple of days I was worst. You will probably find that you don’t feel rubbish for the whole of the cycle.

Try and watch what you are eating (easier said than done) as what I found worst was low blood (haemoglobin in my case) levels, which may cause you to need a blood transfusion and they would defer your treatment. I kind of lived on lentils and spinachy type greens!

Most of all, I hope it works for you.

Love Jenny

Hi Jo, a friend of mine has just had Taxotere and it was okay, other friends found it a toughie at times. She had the cold cap throughout and did hang on to some hair…but the cap wasn’t a snug fit. It was doable and she had a couple of extra sessions as it worked so well on her liver, lung and bone mets.
Good Luck Jo…Belinda…xx

Hi Jo,

Don’t know much about taxotere but wanted to pop by and say hi! So sorry the xeloda didn’t work out but taxotere seems to give really good results, I’m sure it’ll be worth it.

If haemoglobin levels become a prob I bought spatone which is a natural supplement and helped me out when my levels dropped (think Boots sell it too). I found it so hard to get my levels up through food as I was eating the right things to start with.

Good luck, take care

Lots of love xoxo

Hi jocasta just wanted to let you know taxotare worked for me for my lung mets i had it early 2004 after being diagnosed end 2003 and i have been on no treatment since then and have been very well. Its hard going watchout for sore feet and numbness in hands and feet but well worth it in the end.

Hugs and kisses

many thanks Hi,
I just wanted to thank everyone for writing back. It’s so great to have this support. It’s been a week now since I had my first taxotere and today is my first day of feeling human again. And it feels good. I got back on my bike, cycled slowly, enjoyed being out of the house finally, and felt glad that the worst is over for this cycle. I find it so hard having to lie around all day, not doing anything, living alone, not feeling part of the world…it can be so lonely and boring…but the dark cloud has passed for today and I’m glad. What we all go through is so hard, and sometimes unrelenting, and when i hear people complain about a sore throat or flu, I think they don;t have a clue…but I suppose you just have to accept the capabilities of your body everyday, and seize those days when you feel good, and you feel hopeful…and get through the darker ones without too many tears…and try not to make it harder for yourself by projecting and imagining…and I think if I get back to a normal state of wellness (I’ve lost my voice now for 3 months!!! and my breathing is terrible) it will feel so amazing to be able to talk normally again, and run…and walk up a mountain. That’s what I’m dreaming for.
lots of love to you all,

Hey there,

Glad you are feeling a bit better :-). Hope you continue to feel good.

Lots of love xoxo

Hi Jo, it’s good to hear you have been out and about on your bike today, I still remember meeting you after you’d cycled to Wells.
I hope the chemo is working so very well for you.