started today wasnt good

hi all
i went at 11.40 today for 1st rad and left at 2.45pm!

they couldnt get the machine lined up for all those numbers and measurements
after 1/2hr of laying with arms above head i was crying and had such back and neck ache never mind my arms which had gone so dead they had to remove them from rests for me
they let me have a break and a drink before starting again

still couldnt so i went to the simulater machine? and they finished off the measurements took another 20 mins
then it was back to proper machine and took about 15 mins more
im so sore and cant imagine going back to morrow, i might not

please tell me now its all been lined up it wont be as long it is sooo painful

i now feel rather sick and am scared this is due to the rads and i cant take any more sickness after chemo

i will stop moaning now sorry

feel free to moan… its good to get it out

Aw No…what a nightmare for you!

I’ve had 6 sessions so far & am never any more than 10 minutes in & out!

It takes a minute or two to line me up for the first zap & seconds for the next two…takes longer to get dressed afterwards!

Hope it’s as quick as you for future visits!!



Sorry to hear about your nightmare session. My third session was like that - they couldn’t line everything up and then I had to wait and see a doctor because they thought I had an infection. The rad staff said the problem was due to the swelling from my op going down between the planning session and third treatment.

However, while I hated every session it did get better and although I had a long wait before I went in for treatment the actual zapping never took longer than 10 minutes. I finished rads last May and it is now a distant memory.

Hope your sessions get better and shorter

Oh bless you - i’ve finished rads in late feb and about half way through I really struggled laying on that table during treatment - felt that arms and legs took on a mind of their own - wanting to jump about all over the place. but we get through - measuring ( the time taken ) can vary from team to team - my machine broke down twice and I was moved onto another with a different team and was ‘done’ in minutes !! lesser dose who knows … but it’s finished and still getting through each day at a time but lifes improving.


Don’t worry about moaning to us, I find the forums an immense source of release and comfort, it’s so good to realise that there are people who truly understand. so - moan away! Sorry to hear about your experience today, please try and be strong enough to go back tomorrow, every day is a day nearer the end.

I often feel sick when I’m really stressed. I’ve had 6 of 20 rads so far and although starting to feel quite tired I haven’t felt sick at all.

Let us know how you get on tomorrow.

Take care


Hi lincs lady
Sorry you had a bad time with your 1st rads. BUT you have done the worst bit on the simulator. Maybe your body had changed shape slightly between the planning mark up and starting properly. It’s much better that the staff are careful and get it right as they are working in millimeters so accuracy is essential. As others have said, it generally takes longer getting undressed and dressed than actually being zapped. You will be fine. Do all the exercises that you are given as these are essential for helping you with arm and shoulder mobility. Plaster on the aqueous cream for your skin and take it easy. Rest as much as possible and take all the help you are offered.

thankyou everyone for your views

i go again at 11.30 today

i will get myself there and will take some tablets before i go

Hi Lincs lady,

You’re not moaning - it was a nightmare experience for you! Hopefully it was that the originally planned measurements and placements just didn’t work and now you’re been re-planned (!) it will be much much faster.

I finished rads a year ago today and while a couple of times there was a problem with setting me up, it generally happened fairly quickly. However, I did find that the arm “rests” were always uncomfortable and left marks on my skin, in spite of me doing my exercises. I took painkillers before each session and that certainly helped.

Will be thinking of you at 11.30 today.

Eliza xx

Sending best wishes that today, and the other’s that follow are a lot less stressful for you…
I had no.3 yesterday with the next due monday, and touch wood, so far no problems…I hope the damn machine was plugged in lol

I hated the first few sessions as it seemed to take ages to get me into the right position. It has got easier as the days have passed (only 4 to go now …yippee) I ached so much for the first week. Now I just shut my eyes when the nurses leave the room and try to breathe deeply and think of something else other than the machine that it is whirring and buzzing above me.
Hang on in there it will get easier…
take care
phillippa x

thanks all

it was much quicker today
they took around 5-10mins to shuffle me about
and then the treatment took 2 rounds of 10 green bottles in my head lol lol

i find the stupid donut headrest thing horrid as i have to have my head turned right to the side and immediatly get a crick

Well done for going back! Every day is a step nearer the end. I count very slowly in blocks of 15, 6 lots of 15 and I’m done. Think if I have a different girl and it took any longer I would just get up and go!

Take care