Starting a blog

Having recently been diagnosed with BC & now going through chemo, I’d like to start a blog to keep all my family & friends up to date. Can anyone recommend a company to use to set one up please? I’ve never done a blog before. Thanks.

Hi Seagull, 

Thank you for getting in touch :) 

Some sites you can use to create a blog are Wordpress,blogger and Medium. These are all free and super easy to use.

I hope this helps, just let me know if you have any questions. 

Best wishes, 


Thanks Lizzie. Will take a look.


I know you’re going through an immensly difficult time at the moment, but wondered if you’d set up your blog? I’d love to read it, unless you wish for it to be private?

Hi. Yes I have set up a blog. I’ve found it really helpful & I know family & friends are too. You’re welcome to read it. It’s called x