Starting chemo Friday 20th

Not looking forward to this at all!! Hope I get some sleep tonight

Good luck with it Tinkerbell, can’t imagine how scary this must be but from the bits I’ve read on the chemo boards (and I confess I try not to read them too often!) I’m told it’s hard but do-able.  



All the best for tomorrow. during my first one I kept think of the date when my last one will be, thinking one down 5 to go… Planning the party details etc. xx

Tinkerbell72 Best wishes for tomorrow xx

Well got through yesterday and the cold cap ouch it hurt especially first 10 mins. Felt quite sick today but plenty of meds to take throughout the day. Also just has injection for white blood cells or something???

Hi tinker bell,
Check out other February starters on the chemo monthly threads for feb 2015.
I had injections too for 5 days after chemo, had one disaster when I pulled the plunger up before i was ready then in my haste stabbed my thumb instead of my tummy!
Wishing you well xxx

Ouchhhhhhhh!! What u had injection every day ?