Starting Chemo in Coventry

Hi to you all

It was confirmed last night that I will be starting chemo tomorrow even though I still have seroma which was drained yesterday. It has dropeed from 120mls to 70mls. Has any got seroma and doing chemo?

Any one out there having it done at Coventry - University hospital

Just wanted to thank everyone out there for the tips and advice about chemo.

I have my bag ready with everything in. Sorry lemon sherbets coming later today.

Thanks again


HI Sharon I had my surgery and I am having chemo at Cov UNI hospital, wonderful staff!!! My onc is Prof Grieves he is so approachable and caring . Cannot fault all the care I have been given from day one of diagnoses.
Love Bobbie

Hiya, I’ve just stumbled across your conversation. I too am under Coventry University. Mr Parker carried out the surgery (just over 4 weeks ago) and Professor Grieves is my oncologist too. They have both been excellent (why would we think that they would not be?) and the nurses have been wonderful too. I have nothing but praise for everyone there. By now, Sharon, you will have had your first session of chemotherapy but I just wanted to say that I have/had your own concerns too - I’ve been given a date for my first session of chemo (next Wednesday) but they are still currently draining about 160mls from the seroma. I’ve been told that they don’t usually start chemo until such time as they are draining about 50mls a week but that there is a possibility that they will still proceed anyway. I’m just concerned that if they start the chemo next week and they stop draining the seroma I will be more at risk of developing lymphoedema - I wonder if you, Bobbie, Sharon, have anything to add to reassure me?

Lovely to talk.

HiNaomi Mr Parker carried out my surgery to!!!" My 4th session of chemo Epirubicin is on 5th Mar so I will ask if Naomi is about if you wish??? Please put your trust in in all the staff there . They usually like to start chemo six weeks after surgery so sounds ok to me. I had to have a few days on ONC ward and Nurses there said they would trust Prof Grieves with their life. Naomi you put all your energy into fighting this rotten disease NOT the chemo , please put your trust in medics and think of the old saying ‘the worse the medicine the better it is for you’ . Chemo is’nt pleasant but I have stopped thinking of it as poisonous chemicals and try to think of it as medicine and if it buys me a few more years then whats a few months of unpleasant BUT necessary treatment.
Love and a big hug … from Bobbie GET all the help you can I am taking advantage of counselling sessions and complimentary therapies offered to me through the hospital.

Hiya, small world, hey?! So, am I right in thinking, Bobbie, that you will be having your last course of Epirubicin on Wednesday - on the very day I will be having my first course?! I’m due at 11 am - I shall think of you in order to help me realise that the sessions will come and go in just a few months time - but do ask if you are around at that time - we could perhaps meet then! Yes, you are absolutely right - have to think of it as medicine rather than poison…

I decided to participate in the TACT2 trial and have just heard that I’ll be getting the standard treatment - a little disappointed as was hoping that I would at least benefit from the injection of G-CSF but I’ve reasoned that if it means that my body has to rely on itself to build its immunity up again then, hopefully, this should just make my body stronger in the long term.

I haven’t booked anything yet with the complimentary therapist - although I intend to do so - and am unsure about the counselling - although I may well take it up - but I am seriously thinking of taking myself off to Birmingham City hospital for one of their “Look Good Feel Better” sessions - vain as it might sound but they teach you how to apply makeup and I’ve never been any good at this and things such as how to look after your skin etc - and most imprtantly I believe you get a free goody bag - which I’m determined to get! I’ve spent a fortune over the last few months on things to pamper myself with - never mind multivitamins etc…!

You had to spend a few days on the ward? How are you feeling now? I have to say that I absolutely panicked when one of the oncologist nurses told me that I could develop “neutropenic sepsis” but all the side effects are worrying not having been through anything like this before so will just have to be very vigilant. It is just so reassuring that the medics are so well qualified - and that everyone has their absolute faith in them.

It was good to talk to you and look forward to hearing from you again soon. lots of love, naomi

Hi Naomi I had pancreatitis think it could have been due to probiotics I had taken for along time in high doses before chemo. Only stopped taking them a few days before 1st chemo. ALSO a reaction to the Steroids, might have been another possibility , Prof Grieves was adamant it was not the Chemo, it is so rare an occurence so please put it at the back of your mind. WAS not going to mention why I was hospitalised did not want to worry you , but as you assumed it could have been Neutopenia thought it only fair to be honest with. Are you seeing Caroline or Julie? They are both absolute STARS so DINNA FRET. My appt is also at 11.00am but I am seeing counsellor first. If you are driving or being driven to hospital do’nt forget to get form from Arden Centre for free parking.
Lots of love Bobbie I will ask if you are about. ALL THE BEST.

Hiya, thanks for telling me - I’ve just stopped taking my multivitamins - which have added probiotics - but I have stopped now and I don’t think the dose is that high. As you say, though, not to fret! Caroline is booked to give me the first dose - and although I’ve only seen her once so far she has been excellent - she spent over 2 hours with me just to run through things - so am reassured. Yeah, must remember the car parking ticket - and am just about to purchase a pre-paid prescription certificate. Tomorrow I’m off to see the ‘hairdresser’ again - she’d ordered some wigs in for me - I had thought I was going to experiment - and indulge in my desire to have long hair - but now I’ve had my hair cut and see that it doesn’t look too bad short I might just go for something a bit more practical. But who knows - I’ve also been severely tempted to buy a bright pink fashion wig as well as also attempt to go ‘naked’! Obviously trying to look on the positive side of everything! Perhaps see you on Wednesday but if not catch up with you on here! all the best, naz

Hiya! So a little coventry fan club then?! Annamarie too and that makes 5 of us. I’m not sure where I read it now, or whose suggestion it was - possibly Anna’s - but a collection for Sue/Judith, Caroline/Julie sounds like a wonderful idea.

Unfortunately, my appointments have been shifted now to Thursdays - my neutrophils were down after the first time around and they had to reschedule - so I won’t be there to see you on a Wednesday.

I look forward to my last epi - only another 2 to go - thank goodness - and then I will be halfway through. I think all of you are ahead of me - Sharon, only just perhaps - but I will be looking to you all to see me through to the end!

Lots of love, Naz

Hi All

Mr Parker did mine too.

I am also doing the Tact 2 trial and on the standard treatmentI will have my last Epi in 3 weeks then on to CMF usually go on Wednesdays to Arden Centre but went on for 3rd Epi on 3rd April Caroline wasnt in so they didint give me my next appointment date so when Caroline phones on Wednesday I will ask. I usually have Caroline for everything

Yes the collection does sound like a good idea.

Perhaps if we are at the arden centre at the same time we could met for coffee and have a chin wag?

Hope the CMF is better then the EPI as my viens are no good how are the side effects on CMF cant sand the having no taste.

Lots of love

Hi sharon, and everyone you’ll probably get your appointment in the post, that happened to me a few times, im going to make an exectitive decision and say ill be in summersaults on friday afternoon at 2 pm!!! If anyone wants to join me they can!!! tell you what ill be carrying a bunch of flowers that way ill be able to treat myself and have a perfect excuse for my husband! that will shut him up!!!
at least this way it doesnt put pressure on anyone if they are not up to it! anyway must go and get my boys up
Anna x

Hiya, I’m in town on Friday morning so a cup of coffee at 2 will finish the morning off lovely. I’ve not been to Somersaults but someone was only recommending it to me the other day - is it opposite Woolworths? Can’t tell you now whether I’ll be wearing my ‘hairdo’ - and if so which one ’ or a headscarf but I’ll look out for a bouquet of flowers - I may just carry a daffodil myself!

Hope to see some of you there. Naz. x

hello somersaults is just up the road abit from saumersalts opposite grays sports shop. they do excellent banoffee pie! and are completely veggie organic Anna

Hi all Im off to the one stop tomorrow with an unusual lump Its long and thin and doesnt move so hopefully its a fatty lump. As your all at coventry I hope if its ok to contact you again to let you know how it went!

I hope all of you will be fine and thinking of you

Sue x

of course good luck tomorrow

Thanks Annamarie. I am feeling positive but until I definitely have the professional tell me that…there is always that what if?
I hope all goes ok for you too. xx

hi sue - hope it’s good news tomorrow - u’ll have seen from our comments above that we all think the Cov team is excellent - you and the wee sausage are in good hands. Take a book/mag to read - it can be a long wait!!!

I’ll try to be there Friday - depends how i do after wednesday but an outing always gives me a lift… laughing - i’ll be the one with a badly drawn eyebrow (sounds like a slutty girl band!!!) - one of them is v patchy now. i wear glasses and tend to wear black (hmm that’s 50 % of the popualtion) but i’ll probably wear something loud at one end or the other… red shoes or a stripey cardi or a pink leather jacket… see you then, i hope.


By the way Bobbie - if you fancy coming on Friday for the coffee i’ll gladly give u a lift. incidentally I drive a corsa!!!


Hi sue its anna again are you at the breast screening bit in the hospital tomorrow? It now turns out that i am as well, what time is your appointment?

By the way, do you think we need a secret password for friday?

Hi All you Cov/Rugby kids ,WE shall be forming our own BC club soon. Thanks Jen I shall take a raincheck on that. Getting ever so scared getting out and about, will let you know.
love Bobbiexxxx