Starting chemo in February 2012

I’m starting my chemo on 2nd February so I thought I’d open a thread for us Feb starters :slight_smile:
I’m having FEC x3 and Tax x3 followed by rads. I’m going to try the cold cap but have been looking at wigs just in case. Some look great and some look like dead ferrets lol!
Chris xx

Just bumping up for you Chris! that’s my bday!!

Marina xx

Hi Chris,

I shall be joining you on this thread! Not been given a date but told next week. Firstly, I have my muga scan on Friday. I was diagnosed end of October, had my mastectomy 15th December. I am her2+ so Herceptin once chemo finishes.

How are you feeling about it all starting?


Hello, can I join you? I had WLE and axillary clearance on 11th Jan. I was told I would probably not need chemo, just radiotherapy and hormone treatment, but when I went back for pathology results last week was told that 12 out of 21 lymph nodes were infected and cancer was 50mm, not 14mm as orginally thought, so have to have CT scan and then chemo.

I’ve got the scan on 30th, and just hoping that I don’t get any more bad news. I don’t know yet when I will start chemo, but should be in February.

Good luck to you all going through this - we’ll get through it!


Hi girls,Iwill be starting chemo within the next few weeks,recently diagnosed ( last week) with bc,having chemo followed by surgery,wishing you all well with your treatment,any more tips let me know please,have read the thread on here"top tips to get you through chemo"its very good and I think it will be very helpful…lozxx

Hi girls!
I originally joined the January thread but was given my start date yesterday and it is to be Feb 1st, introduction day next Monday. Not looking forward to starting but am too in another way - just to get the show on the road really!
Wig ordered but am trying the cold cap.
I’ve decided to organise a chemo bag for my treatment, was going to put in a book, Nintendo DS, magazines, drink, snacks, hot water bottle - any other suggestions? (apart fom a bottle of wine!!)
Love Linda xx

Hope you lovely ladies don’t mind me popping into your new group.

I was diagnosed at the end of May 2011 and went through 8 chemos, then surgery and now about to start Radiation.

Hints and tips I can pass on would be for you to go and read the “Starting chemo in August” thread. You will then see how everyone progresses through treatments and how we helped each other. We are now close to finishing active treatment and planning to meet up in April.

If any of you have any questions please pop over to our group and ask, or send me a PM.

Good luck girls - fasten your seatbelts but remember one thing. This too will pass!

Good luck to all you lovely ladies starting chemo now, when those of us on the October thread are just beginning to finish, or are certainly close to our last chemos.

Like supertrouper I’ve had chemo first, surgery second and then it will be rads, not sure when.

It’s not nice but you WILL all get through it, and I am amazed how quickly the time has flown by since joining the October thread. You will all be a mssive source of support for each other I’m sure.


Hi Girls,

I’m another who has just finished chemo and like ST & KTF say it is doable just remember not to be afraid to ask for help - whether it be your BCN, chemo team or family & friends.

Here’s the link to starting chemo check list thread, go back on the threads and you’ll find lots of tips & videos etc on scarf tieing, wig info etc - we’re a friendly bunch!

I found it helped looking at the month before’s thread as when your SEs happen you can see its normal and how others coped! It kind of gives you a boost to get through things!

Good luck to all


Good afternoon ladies,

How is everyone?

Ooo Linda looks like you will be leading the way :slight_smile:

Got info re wigs through the post today. Have also read the top tips thread Loz, really helpful. Also the previous chemo starting threads as mentioned, I know we are not all the same but it gives us a good idea.


Hi all,I too am having chemo first followed by surgery possibly followed by radiotherapy,could do with some lessons in terminology cos dont understand it all yet!!..I have decided to get a head start and have a number 5/6 all over,my hair is short anyway and no point in having it coloured now,does anyone think this is a good idea or not??just think it would be less distressingif its very short.Anything I could do before treatment starts etc? so many things I keep wondering about! love and hugs to all…loz xx

Hi everyone,hope your all feel as well and positive as you can.
looks like i joining the Feb gang, Had l lumpectomy and full auxiliary clearance on 9th Jan, got results from that yesterday, i’m on the chemo train followed by further surgery (they didn’t get a full clearance on the lumpectomy) then jump over to the radiotherapy train.

I am for some reason quite calm and positive in my thoughts, now that is strange for me. lol

lov n hugs to all on this train. xx

Hi all!

Marina- thanks for the bump and happy birthday for then!

Welcome Ann, Care, Loz and SuperSue :slight_smile:

Ann- I’ve got my muga scan on the 6th after my first chemo.
I’ve got mixed feelings about starting chemo. Part of me is a bit anxious about what it’s going to be like and part of me is looking forward to getting on with it!

Care - good luck with the scan on the 30th. Mine was in my lymph nodes too.

Loz- I think it sounds like a good idea. A lot of the January starters have done the same as it’s less bothersome when it starts to come out. I’ve already had my long hair cut to shoulder length and will probably shave it if the cold cap doesn’t work.

Linda- love the idea of a chemo bag, especially the wine :wink:

Supertrouper keepthefaith and Annie - thank you for the advice :slight_smile:

SuperSue- I’m surprised at how calm I’ve been about it all too. I think I’d be worse if it was happening to another member of the family.

I keep looking at wigs online but I’m not sure whether to get one now or wait and see whether I need it. Decisions, decisions!

Hugs and prayers Chris xx

Hi Chris
I was like you. I thought I was going to be in December but ended up having more surgery so jumped over into January. I will be following your journeys as well and offer what little experience I have of chemo. The support is so amazing and invaluable.
Sending cyber hugs Anne xx

Hi Everyone,
I’m hoping I can join your thread. I am starting my chemo on the 31st Jan. I thought it was going to be earlier , but had to have more surgery. I have been following the january thread, but everyone seems so much further on in their treatment.

Gill xxx

Loz, my hair is quite long (past my shoulders). I am getting it cut short this afternoon, think it will be easier for starting.

Hi Gill, looks like you will the first now :o)

Six weeks post mx for me and trying my first run outside this evening with a friend. Hopefully I will be able to keep up my running through chemo (on good days anyway).

Any tips from anyone then please post!


Hey bet you,ll look good with short hair! I,m in the same frame of mind ann will be less distressing later on I think…good luck xx

Hi ladies I to am starting chemo in feb 4 sessions if fect first in 21 day sessions then there goin to see if it’s shrunk enough for surgery we will get through this 2 gether!!! Sending loads if positive thoughts to u all snd lots if hugs xxxxxx

Hi Ladies,
I am on Starting chemo on August thread with super trooper…

Had chemo first, surgery in DEC and due to start Rads in a week…
Just want to wish you all good luck, it is doable especially if u r staying positive and upbeat… I had my hair cut really short and shaved after first session… for me it was’nt the hair loss, but the time how long it took to come out! Once shaved I felt much better and ready to fight…Green tea, manuka honey with lemon was a great help to me, but you will all find your own ways how to keep on top of chemo…
Girls, stay strong and if u need anything, just email me…

Good luck xx

Hi all :slight_smile:

Anne and Slinky- thank you :slight_smile:

Welcome Gill and Purple42!

Ann- hope the haircut goes well :slight_smile: I cut my waist-length hair after my op, as it was hard to wash it. I then had it cut shorter in preparation for the chemo.

I’ve now decided not to try the cold cap, as I’ve got two large moles on my scalp and, even if there’s only the tiniest chance that a rogue cell could have effected one of them, I didn’t think it was worth the risk. So bald head here I come! I think my husband will be secretly pleased as it’ll mean he’ll have more hair than me for once :wink:

Hugs and prayers Chris xx