Starting chemo in June

Hello all!

As there are forums for girlies starting chemo in the months gone by, I thought I would start one for June. Anyone else out there starting soon? I’m either starting next week or the week after. Am terrified - but just want to get started - I hate the waiting around.

Would be lovely to hear from anyone else so we can support each other through this challenging time and chat when we’re going through our sessions.

A little bit about me: I’m 33, live near Brighton, am married, no kids (that was a plan for this year :frowning: - obviously not happening for a long time if at all now) and work as a travel agent. I was diagnosed on Monday after a month of being told it was just an infection and being pumped full of antibiotics and everything’s moved so quickly since. A big whirlwind of tests, emotions, jargon and confusion. I lost my mother to BC when I was young, so am terrified I’m destined to follow in her footsteps, but am trying to remain strong and fight as hard as I can. Bring on the chemo!!

Much love to everyone.


Good luck Sandytoes and all the other June ladies. You might find it helpful to dip back into the early days of previous months’ threads to see the tips others have found, and having others to talk to who are in the same boat as you is brilliant.


Oh Sandytoes, it’s a bummer. CM gives great advice, read threads that concern you, avoid anything that doesn’t, don’t google, keep busy and come here. I couldn’t get by without this site.

Hi sandytoes,

This is my 1st post, have been reading for a while now as was dx beginning of feb. Had wle and snb beginning of march. Didn’t get clear margins so had 2nd op mid april. Idc stage 2, 26mm, no node involvement and E+. Thought would only need rads and tam but when met with oncologist was told needed chemo (6x fec).

I’m 38, married and have 3 children 9, 5 & 4. I’m a hairdresser and we live in swindon.

I have been very positive about all of this from the start but I must admit I’m bricking the thought of chemo. Was a massive shock but its better I throw everything at it than think “what if?” Or “maybe I should have!” My stats were 83% without anything, 88% rads and tam and 95% with chemo (inc the other 2) of not recurring in ten years (think that’s how you word it, sorry if not quite right) so you can see why.

They wanted me to start this week coming but our children have half term so we’ve delayed it until they are back at school (we’re in devon getting wet!!) Monday 6th “new patient” talk them fec 1 wil be tues 7th. Already have my hair cut very short and coloured bright red. Lots of lovely comments from people that don’t know which has been hard but gives the children time to get used to the change. Being a hairdresser I’m used to changing styles regularly but haven’t had it this short for about 20 years.

Sorry for waffling on its late and I’m tired but so wanted to post as have been waiting for “june ladies” thread.

I really hope we can help each other thru this difficult time as we share the ups and downs together.

Clare xxx

Hi Mumax3,

Rubbish isn’t it! And I’m terrified at the thought of chemo too - but reassured by lots of posts on this forum. Am hoping it’s going to be a case of me imagining the worst and then being pleasantly surprised that it’s not as bad as I thought…!! I haven’t had much time to get used to the thought though as was only diagnosed last Monday…so only 6 days ago - and could well be starting this week if they can fit me in, after meeting my oncologist on Tuesday (first meeting so don’t know any jargon about my condition at the moment! It’s definitely spread to my lymph nodes though).

Given your stats I’d deffo have made the same decision. It’ll be a challenge over the next few months, but will give you the additional benefit - and your hair will grow back.

We’ll get each other through this.

I’ve got really long hair (have been growing it!) but will probably cut it this week. I’m going to see if I have the option of the cold cap though and see if I can bear it. I’m having a double masectomy (with delayed reconstruction) and the thought of no hair and no boobs is quite alot to get my head around at the moment (only found that out on Friday) especially as I’ve got pretty big knockers and my boobs were my favourite part of my body, followed by my long hair!! :frowning: . Obviously hate the boobs now, but still worried about being completely flat chested.

Stay strong - and keep in touch! I have added you as a contact.


Hi there,

I am Debs, i was diagnosed with breast cancer in March and had a single mastectomy on the 7 April. I live in Derbyshire with my husband and big fat cat Ambrose. The op went really well as did my recovery, now the hard work begins…

I started my first chemo on the 26 May, so just over a week ago. Although I didn’t get any nausea or sickness I have had other side effects that I wasn’t expecting. I must say I have been feeling very stressed about the risk of infection, particularly over the past few days. Has anyone got any tips on dealing with that and the growing paranoia??? Also how do you tell the difference between feeling ill from the chemo and feeling ill 'cause you have got an infection? I have 2 thermometers, but I think I have become a bit obsessed with taking my temperature!! I definitely need some sort of coping strategy to get me through the next 5 sessions of FEC.

Hi ladies

Sandytoes, you really have been thrown up in the air. I can’t imagine how you are feeling at the moment. Its hard enough when you’ve had time to get used to each stage of the process! Although this is only my second post but I have been reading each and every day, it has really helped me thru. I see you have posted a few times already, I think you are really brave its not easy being that strong. I know I can’t help you with all your emotions as our dx and situations are different but if there’s anything I can do to offer support please let me know. Life really is c**p at times, just when you think your life is on track something like this happens but we’ll be stronger for it I’m sure :o) xx

Debs, just want to say hi and thanks for posting. I’ve not started fec yet (7th june) so I can’t really help with how your feeling, sorry. I can send you a ((hug)) thou. Its rubbish isn’t it? I guess the fear of getting an infection is very high on your list of fears/worries, hopefully this will reduce over the next few days/weeks. Have you talked to your bcn about how you feel?? I think it helps just getting it off your chest sometimes. Have you posted on any other threads?? Maybe start one, I’m sure there will be lots of ladies able to offer help and support that are/have gone thru the same. Please let us know as I’m sure I’ll feel the same in a couple of weeks. Keep positive

Hope we all have a good bank hol tomorrow, has been gorgeous down here in devon today (catching a few rays while I can, pink nose!! Ha ha)

Clare xxx


Dibdob - I can’t help there either I’m afraid - but there’s a thread for people who started in May, and I know there are people who started a few days ago - so it might be worthwhile joining that thread. Hope you are feeling better today?

Clare - I am either starting this week, or the same week as you. Let’s hold virtual hands and help each other through this. I just want to start tomorrow, as think having time to worry makes it worse.


Hi all

I was diagnosed bc last week and expect to start 6xfec 7th June. I will be having a clip/market put in the tumour first (anyone else having this done?) the plan is then for surgery and then radiotherapy. I’m absolutely terrified of what’s ahead of me and it’s comforting to know that I won’t be on my own for this journey…x

Just met with my onc (see other thread!).

I am starting on 3rd June - 4 lots of AC, 2 weeks apart and 4 lots of Paclitaxel, 2 weeks apart.

So scared… But trying to feel strong again and looking for support from and to support other ladies starting this month!!


Hello Ladies,

I am new to this site. Just signed up today. I am young lady who was dx in Jan 2011 w/bc while I was pregnant w/my 3rd child. I have been taking the TAC regimen since March 2011. At 1st I was afraid because I was thinking I am too young to face this but now I can say it’s all good. I will be complete with my treatments in July.

My advice would be don’t google all over the internet on your condition because it will scare you. I had to learn that lesson. Continue to stay positive and watch time fly by fast… Before you know it you will be done and ready to enjoy life to the fullest. You will make it thru this. :slight_smile:

Thanks for Starting this thread Sandytoes.
I am 31 yrs old and was dx with stage 3 BC with 2 lymph nodes involved.
I had a masectomy and reconstruction 2 weeks ago and its been hard I have a 4 yr old and 10 month old baby and havnt been able to hold my baby for 2 weeks now - cant wait to give her the biggest cuddle!
I went back to the PS surgeon today for a check up and have got an infection in the wound and so was due to start chemo 8th june but this will probabaly be delayed for a week now. I am having 3 x FEC and 3 x TAX and 5 weeks Radiotherapy. I have had so many sad moments over the past few weeks and I am trying so hard to be positive. I know losing my hair is going to be traumatic I have long curly hair and cant find any wigs that look similar. I have no idea what to say to my 4 yr old about the hair loss (she thinks I went on holiday when i was in hospital for ther op as i didnt want her to worry about me).
Is anyone else going to try the coldcap?
So pleased we can all help eachother through this and keep eachother positive. I have to say I am petrified to start!
Katie x

Hi Everyone :slight_smile: I got first dx May 4th extra tests since then = 4cm grade 2 mixed (lobeluar & ductal) with +ve nodes. See onco tomorrow (1st June) & will get def date for starting chemo then - hopefully next week or two! Hope to shrink tumour below 3 cms for WLE and rads. Good NLP tip is to imagine yourself in future cancer free and healthy and hold onto that picture - sounds good to me, power of positive thought and all that. So here’s to all of us in a crummy place at mo and looking forward to us ALL cancer free and healthy :smiley: good luck ladies xxxx

Fi xx

Hi ladies

Sandytoes - you sound low, have read your other posts. Really hard getting your head around it all :o(( I’m sending you a big (((hug))) at least you know what the plan is! Try hard to keep looking to the future (one without all of this) it really is s**t but I’m sure you’ll do just fine, look at that sassy girl in your pic (you look fab :o)) she’ll still be there waiting!! Xx

Hello to our new ladies icare11 and fi. I’m sure we’ll all be able to help each other along over the coming weeks, rough and smooth!!

Clare xxx

Icare11, what a lovely photo, you have a beautiful smile! Welcome to the forums, and how lovely of you to make your first post one of reassurance for people who are just starting on all of this.

For those of you with long hair, can I please put in a plug for a charity called Little Princess Trust who make wigs from donated hair for UK kids who have alopecia, mainly because of chemo. If your hair is 10 inches or longer they will accept your donated hair. I did that with my own long hair, as did alto, silvershar and several others, and I found it a really positive step as it meant others could benefit from my hair even if I wasn’t able to keep it on my head. My daughter also had her lovely thick long hair cut and raised nearly £4000 for Cancer Research! I didn’t do any particular fundraising with my haircut as I didn’t have my head in the right place for it, but I saw it as my way to stick a middle finger up at cancer and help others too. will give you more info.

Good luck to all of you. I’m off for FEC5 later this week and I’ve managed to survive - bald, a bit knackered, but I’m still here and I’m still me. I hope you all manage the same.


Thanks CM! I really appreciate the welcome. That photo is old. My head is bald… That was a hard thing to deal with:( but its ok now I have accepted it and its going well.

So to all my fellow bc sisters let’s continue to keep pushing because at the end we will ALL WIN! I’m so glad to be apart


Hello all,

Feeling more positive today. Yesterday was a really difficult day. First meeting with very serious oncologist who gave it to me straight (my consultant and BCN had made it all sound much more positive!!). Next big thing is CT scan tomorrow and the results for that (please, PLEASE some positive news for once!) and then I’m throwing myself headfirst into the chemo.

Katie, Fionhun and Catface - we’re going to support each other through this! Times some of us will feel down, but the others will feel stronger and be able to boost us up again.

I am going to try the coldcap and will let you know how it goes, but my onc said it wont work with the accelerated chemo I am having. However, the paperwork my BCN gave me said it can…so I’m going to look into that. Will let you know how it goes!!


morning ladies

Welcome katie (although sorry you’ve had to join us!) Didn’t see your post til this morning, I know there’s a delay (while the moderator checks the posts) but some off mine aren’t showing at all???

I have a 4 year as well (she’s my youngest, 2 brothers 9 & 5) we’ve tried to talk as openly as poss about everything. I’ve tried to make it fun with them helping me to choose what to wear in my hair/ on my head- hats/scarves, particularly my daughter as she’s very girly and loves hair, jewellery, nails etc so she loves that. I’ve also had my hair cut really short, telling them before, so they can get used to it. At the moment they think its very funny that I’m going to be ‘bold’ but when it happens I know it will effect them. I started by telling them I had a ‘bady’ boobie (letting them look if they wanted, only had wle and snb thou) then said the doc needs me to have really strong medicine which will make my hair fall out!

Its been my biggest worry but so far I think they are taking it in their stride, chemo starts next week so fingers crossed xx

Hope this helps??

Sandytoes, sorry yesterday was so hard :o( fingers crossed for ct scan tomorrow I’ll be thinking of you xx


Hi Clare

Just to reassure you we have set all of your posts live, they are in different threads so you may need to look for them.

I am posting a couple of links to the ‘Mummy’s lump’ and ‘Talking to your children about breast cancer’ publications which you may find useful:*/changeTemplate/PublicationDisplay/publicationId/18/*/changeTemplate/PublicationDisplay/publicationId/21/

Take care

Hi Katie

Welcome to the BCC forums, I have posted a couple of links to clare above which you may also find useful, please also feel free to call our helpline on 0808 800 6000 for further support and information, weekdays 9-5 and sat 9-2.

Take care