Starting chemo in November

Hi folks, I’m about to embark on FEC-T chemo in early November. I must admit that I am somewhat daunted by the prospect. I am 62, loads of grown up kids and have fabulous support from them and my wonderful hubby, I know, I’m one lucky woman.

I would love to hear from anybody on a similar path, so that we can raise each other up when necessary.

Hi sumlee

I’m not sure if you can rename your thread from starting chemo in November to ‘November 2019 Chemo Starters’ or whether you should start another one, I think if you did this you will start getting some buddies posting and you’ll develop a very supportive group between you all, which will certainly help you through the chemo. You will get through the chemo, there will be ups and downs but you will do it.


Good luck

Joemic x