Starting chemo June 2012

Hi folks. I’m starting chemo in June. Probably around the 5th or 6th.

Looking for company on this journey.

Hoping that I haven’t duplicated a thread… Sorry if I have.

Eleanor xx

Don’t know yet if I will be May or June but will join you on your journey.

Having my first treatment on the 13th (at least its a Wed and not a Friday. FEC regime I think? Got wig ordered bandanas are here,it’s just me thats that ready. can I hokd anyones hand out there?

Its just me thats not ready I meant to say. mince for brains just now.

Morning ladies , My advice just had my fifth fec treatment , Make sure you get all the anti sickness tablets you can . Can the cold cap for your hair and drink lots of water following chemo to flush it out of you . You get some horror stories on side effects but every one different . Just take each one as it comes and ask lots of questions form your team or on here .This site is fab and really friendly and helpful .Good luck with your journey Love rosie

Hello rosie. thanks for advice. somewhere I read if you take an ice lolly it will help your mouth?


Hope, (can’t believe I am hoping for chemo, but sooner it starts the sooner it ends) to be joining you, but just been told got to have more surgery just waiting to hear if it’s after or before chemo.

Donna xx

Hi donna what a way to meet eh!. At least we have lots of help. advice and the best of modern treatment to see us down this road. Just hold my hand. Pauline. xx

To catloving woman , Yes it does help with an ice lolly helps from getting mouth ulcers , I had one yesterday ideal in this weather. Some people take flasks in with ice cubes or even freeze a bottle of water in the freeze and take that in .My hair fell out between one and two but after no 4 it has started to grow back only a little on my head and one leg Just drop me a line if you think of anything else . When do you start chemo ?Love Rosie xx

Got my new breast prosthesis on Friday. Love it. Makes me feel much better. Got home and asked hubby to feel it. He felt both and said ‘Fun bags’ with a big grin on his face. ‘Now I can make boob jokes again’. Which he proceded to do on and off all evening. We had such a laugh.
Went to get a wig. It was absolutely lovely but the one I liked was the most expensive, so going to wait and see what the NHS ones are like before I commit to buying.
I was feeling low because I I knew I had to get new boob and wig but didn’t like the reason I had to so I’m glad I did something about it. That’s 2 jobs ticked.

Was going to say good to have some virtual company… Maybe that’s not very PC lol.

I am not very organised a bit of a last minute kind of person.

Catlovingwoman… I’m very impressed. I’ve looked at a wig, but trying to get the girls together for a wig shopping day is proving difficult.

@ smudge… Me too… Let’s get this started, and then finished lol. sorry to hear your getting more surgery. Hopefully it will be after or your delayed again.

@1j … Isn’t wierd how quickly we are excited about wigs and prosthesis etc… There was a young girl behind me at the consultants on thurs and she had a cerise pink turban thing she was all summery and bright… Really lovely. I hope I can manage to look like that, and hopefully she felt as good as she looked.

I got my hair cut Friday, I went for an asymmetrical bob, I had long hair and I actually really like it. Shock horror. I donated the best part of what was cut off to little princess trust, so that made me feel better but I cried like a baby at the hairdressers… Thought I was quite resigned to it, but it was still really difficult. Getting the pixie cut a week or two before I lose it all.

And just as a footnote, my doctor won’t allow her patients h cold cap. Which suited me as it was a decision I didn’t need to make. X

Hi all friends. start fec chemo on 13th so have,got wig. irdered some lovely bandanas from a company called annabandana. their stuff is very lovely and not at all expensive. they also do fake fringes in all colours . Have fun. xxx pauline.

Pauline had a quick look at that website. I can’t believe the prices and I love the sparkly ones…

Eleanor x

Sorry its a company called Bohemia that does fake fringes, not Annabandana although they do terrific headwear. Enjoy looking. x pauline.

Hello All,
Just popping in from the March 2012 thread, have been wondering if there was going to be a June thread. I’d just like to wish you all the very best on your journey and sorry that you’re having to make it.
Once treatment plans are sorted you do feel much better. I’m on my fourth EC chemo tomorrow, which is halfway through for me and I can honestly say it hasn’t been as bad as I’ve thought. I’ve manged to work most days and go out for meals in my better two weeks, so you can still have some fun xx
Make sure you do your temperatures checks as this can change very quickly. I do mine 3 times a day . But I like to have a set routine.
Hugs to you all

I worked in microbiology for 20 years. Because of the work I do, my consultant has advised me not to go back because of environment and my lowered immunity. This place was my life. I feel so isolated.

Feel for you. The doctor’s advice sounds wise, though.

Hubby away back to work today. came with me for all my scans. He is trying so hard to see me through this but, and I know I sound si ungrateful, he was doing my head in! His constant chattering, about my breasts and hair loss wanted me ti SCREAM SHUT UP! Thanks for that. Pauline. x

I am the same Pauline… they advised me not to go back to work. I work in a special needs school. By the time I would be signed off from surgery… I would have had 2 chemos… The kids in the school come in with everything… It’s respite for the parents.

I love my work, I miss the kids, I miss the routine I do understand getting well is the most important thing but it will be a bit difficult to have no structure.

I have a fantastic friend who is having similar effect on me as your hubby. Love her to bits and she’s been great. Sometimes I think tho she thinks it’s my brain I’m having problems with. Lol. You know how sometimes your just chatting… For example I’m meant to be going to a festival and I was talking about the weather, and what precautions I was going to mibee need to take… She launched into a full rundown of an outfit for me… Get a maxi dress etc etc… It sounded nice but it wasn’t me… Or suitable for a mud filled field… Count to ten lol.

Anyway, I can actually decide what’s right for me. I think sometimes I’m not distraught enough for her. I don’t like drama. Keep it real… Sorry to rant… See no work lol…

Hi Elli
I managed to locate and access the right forum… I did read your post yesterday but as with posting my initial message, was having a few problems and couldn’t reply to any posts…
Is all rather daunting isn’t it… Want to get it started so that it’s over sooner, but really not looking forward to having a cocktail of drugs coursing through my veins…
Have you prepared yourself for this as best you can? I have a selection of wigs on standby (some are so wig-like that I doubt I will wear them!!), I have had my hair cut into a bob (was below my shoulders, is now just below my chin) and also ordered a selection of scarves and bandana’s from a site I saw mentioned on here, annabandana… really good and quite cheap too! I also have some Ice pops in the freezer ready to take with me on the 5th as I was advised these help reduce the impact the chemo drugs can have on your mouth… Hope my sister doesn’t bring the kids if she joins me on one day or I may have to share them lol
I have an appointment at the Hospital on Thursday to go and see what it’s all about, what will happen etc… Not looking forward to that either - will make it real then, if you know what I mean?
Anyway, good luck with your journey and would love to keep chatting to you and start chatting to anyone else for that matter…
Emma x